Looking to build brand awareness? Want to strengthen relationships with past clients? Ready to fill your calendar with clients that adore you?

It’s possible! It takes years and tons of mini impressions with your clients, but it’s worth it!

Wait. Why Send Snail Mail?

Don’t you love something fun and sweet in the mail box? Adulting is no fun with bills piling up in our mail box! Mind as well send a sweet surprise and make someone’s day with a smile. Having these tangible reminders of their wedding day not only brings them back to their day, but gives them a reason to talk about you! They’ll slap this card on the fridge, take it to work or even post on social media. If they shove it in a drawer or slip it into a scrapbook, that’s fine too! They are destined to come across it again to think of you! Sharing gratitude with your clients goes a long way.


I love personalizing cards to each of my couples, but you don’t have to invest that much to get started! When you break it down to the bare basics you really only need a pen, paper, envelope and postage stamp! Those, I bet you already have lying around the house!

What I do…

First, I ensure I have my client’s mailing address. Thanks to Honeybook, with each contract I require an address so I have them on file. Not only do I have their details stored on Honeybook, but I also create a list using Postable. I love this secure site that allows me to easily request addresses and edit updates through the years.

Next I select a favorite image from each wedding and order print gifts through Social Print Studio WARNING: This website is full of cute gift ideas and the best printing ideas! You’re going to want to spend all your money on client gifts and redo your entire hallway wall at home.

Since SPS offers double sided square prints, I create a love note or designed message through canva! This way each couples gets the same back image with their personalized photo on top! I ordered the 4×4 inch squares, so I made a 4×4 square in canva to easily match the backing of their cards.

How To Build Brand Awareness | Valentines Day Cards | Quianna Marie
How To Build Brand Awareness | Valentines Day Cards | Quianna Marie

I try to have these ordered by the middle of January so they can prepared and sent off the first couple days of February. I love getting them in my clients hands the week of Valentines Day so they can enjoy them!

Once they arrive to my house I stuff them into envelopes, I love the ones with peel and seal closures. These are also important to order ahead of time!

Then they get sent off! If you’re feeling stuck in your business, like your spinning your wheels with nothing in return… Maybe it’s time to send some love. Give back to your clients. Remind them that you care and that you are grateful for their business, even years after your contract is over!

Sometimes photographers and business owners get caught up with chasing new business, when really the best way to gain brand awareness is to love the ones that already know you!

How To Build Brand Awareness | Valentines Day Cards | Quianna Marie

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How To Build Brand Awareness | Valentines Day Cards

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