The new wedding season is here and I can’t freakin’ wait! Today I’m excited to share my secrets and key tips for capturing insta stories. This is one addition to the day that my couples, wedding parties, vendors and families LOVE to watch! It’s like my own little MTV version of the day, behind the scenes!

Nervous about juggling too many things on the wedding day? I completely understand! Stick to these quick key tips and you’ll be a pro, gain more followers and maximize your exposure for a successful wedding!

Before you continue… my biggest key tip is to NOT share LIVE. Just snap, save and move on! If that’s all you pick up from this blog you’re good! But please, keep reading for more tips, ideas and inspiration!

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Think of insta stories as a mini movie or recap of the day! Just tiny snippets of behind the scenes snaps to help share the day! This is the purest, easiest and most natural way to self promote and advertise for your business while serving and loving your clients by capturing another element of their day!

What You’ll Need:

Your phone, second shooter/assistant, sense of humor… that’s it!

What To Capture:

Throughout the day there will be check points to grab. You really only need a boomerang, quick 5-10 second video or just a photo for each chunk of the day. Simple and candid is always best!

Location Shots

These are great to capture while you’re driving in to the venue. Sometimes we get caught up in the tiny details, but it’s important to step wayyyy back and capture the beauty and landscapes of the venue. Your couple picked this location for a reason, showcase it!

Behind The Scenes

Think of these snaps as the magic behind the day! Find yourself laying a bridesmaid gown over the couch? Share it.


Take your time to play with the details and capture a couple in action shots of you doing your job! These images will be showcased on the blog and play such a huge roll in the color story and style of the day. Plus these are the most drastic to share a crappy iPhone pic and the real deal! So fun to see them next to each other in your stories!

Getting Ready

I love every aspect of a wedding day for different reasons, but this portion of the day is truly my fave! Champagne is poppin’ and everyone is giddy in the morning. Have fun with it and ensure your bride and bridesmaids that none of these behind the scenes snaps will be shared until the NEXT day! This gives them the confidence to be silly and not worry that you’re going to share her dress or even just a snap of her before the first look!

First Look

This moment is a whirlwind and your insta stories and snap chats should never be a priority during these moments! Typically a wedding planner or coordinator is near by and I can hand my phone over to her to grab while I’m workin’ away with my camera. Just a quick snap is sweet and fun for the couples to relive.


Okay, this is another time of the day that always gets forgotten (for insta stories!!) if that’s the case… no worries! I suggest grabbing a quick pan of the ceremony space before guests arrive or be sneaky and pull your phone out during the vows when you have a breather! Don’t ever risk missing something with your phone in your hand and not your camera!

Wedding Party

These are also a super fun part of the day! Capture fun boomerangs of the whole party, the guys toasting their whiskey and just the life of the party!


While you’re busy shooting the details and wide shots of the reception space, don’t forget to grab a quick photo or pan of the this space as well! Your bride has spent almost an entire year (if not longer) dreaming of this exact reception… showcase it from the guests perspective then blow her away with your actual wedding photos!

Sunset Photos

Fluffing the veil, gorgeous vineyard sunsets and twirls with the newlyweds are the best! Plus, this is a great organic “commercial” for other eyes watching your stories as well. Share how helpful you are and how much attention you pay to the details. You’re just doing your job well, ask your assistant or bring a bridesmaid with you to help capture these behind the scenes shots, too!


After all the traditional dances and events have been captured I love to snap fun boomerangs of everyone dancing and everyone cutting loose! Keep it classy and remember that bridesmaids are watching… keep the crazy dance moves and sweaty snaps on the dance floor.

Key Tips

Share Your Personality

I love sprinkling a bit of my personality, favorites and fun facts about me throughout my stories. Your couples picked you for a reason, showcase that! If you find yourself sneaking appetizers to the DJ, share that! If you are helping your bride pick out a wedgie or find yourself running up the stairs to grab the veil just in time for sunset photos… post it! It’s so fun to actually see YOU and your love throughout the day.

Capture Vendors

Okay, this is a really big secret that I’ve never shared anywhere else! While vendors are busy setting up, don’t forget to snap them and capture pro photos as well! They’ll be SO thankful to catch them in action, they’ll be quick to share! Just be sure to tag them in the post so they can add to their story as well!


Give yourself time to edit photos + splice them between the phone snaps! You’re going to gain so much trust and love from your couples if you keep their day sacred for them and their guests. Don’t share until the next day to maximize the amount of views!

Drive Through For The Win To Prove You’re Human

Are you the kind of photographer that packs the best snacks? Hit drive through with your second shooter after a long day? Share it! Everyone gets the hint that you’re a professional, but it’s fun to share more about your life to keep it relatable!

Let me know if these key tips help! I’d love to watch your wedding insta stories, too! Comment below and I’ll be sure to follow you!

Best of Luck,


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