I get it. Blogging and being consistent is tough. Especially when you feel the need to blog as often as possible, but you’re running out of ideas! Maybe you’re just starting out and are running out of weddings or family shoots to share? Maybe you want to build out your SEO, but feel stuck and uninspired? Well sometimes we just need a little kick start…

I remember being in high school with daily writing prompts in my english class and as much as I loved writing, I HATED creative writing! I had so much on my mind and yet when I would stare at my composition notebook I felt defeated before I even began! However, when my teacher would assign prompts and questions to write about it was always easier and the ideas would flow right to my paper.

So what does this have to do with wedding photography? Sometimes just having a prompt with weekly series can get our creativity jump started and help us stay motivated. Grab your notebook or brain dumping sticky notes… Are you ready for some inspiration to get you writing? Let’s Go!

3 Different Types of Series

Incremental Weekly, monthly, seasonally or annually. These series are fun because they create mini deadlines for us to post! If you’re planning a Wedding Wednesday post, you know this date is approaching every week and will need to bust one out. Plus your readers, followers and potential clients will love the consistency and soon begin to look forward to your posts.

Chain Sequence Basically like a mini sitcom of stories. These sequences can be as short as a 3 part series (three unique blog posts about the same topic) or maybe you go on for 20+ posts! I’ve found that a bundle of posts about one topic gain the highest engagement when they’re under 10 posts. For example: “How to Prepare For Your Wedding Day”, offering a 5 part sequence of blogs that offer educational tips, experiences and ideas for your couples. These are helpful and engaging because someone may come across your blog somewhere in the middle of your sequence and want to click back and forth to read the whole series!

Foundational These posts can be inspiring to sprinkle throughout your blog to share your mission, personal story and the root of your business. Sometimes we are so close to our business that we forget to take a step back and look at our blog from a stranger’s perspective. Having these blogs to add to your list of series would be incredible to build trust and help brand yourself as more than just a professional photographer.

Well, thanks… but I still don’t know what to write about?

If you’re still feeling stuck and unmotivated, here’s a handful of questions and ideas to help get you started TODAY!


Monday Motivation – Share inspiring quotes that help your brides feel empowered and excited about wedding planning and working with YOU!

Wedding Wednesday – Share tips and ideas for future brides, highlight recent weddings or even offer vendor recommendations. These could all be extended into series, but having something wedding related to help inspire and educate your couples will be amazing!

Round Up – At the end of each month or annually share a quick recap of your weddings, photo shoots, meetings, adventures and highlight your business in a way that’s exciting to share. Don’t hesitate to share accomplishments or even set backs (raw moments), your readers will love your genuine approach to life and business.

Chain Sequence

Educational – Break down wedding planning, dress shopping, help with booking vendors, and your wedding experience for your dream clients. Anything to share about wedding tips and tricks that help align you as an expert. KEY TIP: Don’t know anything about dress shopping or a particular topic? I mean we’re not wedding planners! Just get out and ask! Book appointments with vendors, put yourself out there and ask questions. Many of us have very similar ideal clients, utilize your blog to help cross promote!

Personal – Share a fun series about how you got into photography, embarrassing stories, fun facts about you or a mini series about your own wedding if you’ve already gone through wedding planning! Not married yet? Share about your family or a cute series about your wildest dreams and what you’re working towards.

Inspirational – Sometimes we just need to see something pretty and to make us feel inspired, your brides will love that, too! Instead of creating a post about “Beautiful Long Sleeve Dress Ideas”, try titling it “Long Sleeve Wedding Gowns You’ll Love” or consider sharing a round up series of seasonal colors or decor for different ideas. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking an idea and breaking it down into small, easy reads and scrolls.


What made you get into business? Is this your full time job or side hustle? Some photographers are incredibly talented, but they adore their career in another field, while raising a family! What’s your story? Share your motivation, where your passion stems from and what your future goals are. The more we can sprinkle our personal stories the more our dream clients will value us personally. These can part of a series, shared seasonally or annually… just add them to your list of blogs to share!

KEY TIP: At the end of each blog post make sure to share links of the series to engage your readers to click for more. If your content is engaging and helping to solve problems or questions, they’ll keep looking!

Good Luck!

XOXO, Quianna Marie

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