PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ever scroll through instagram and see a pattern? Our feeds are filled with ring shots, couples + veils, ceremony decor, first looks + cakes! It’s all the pretty… but where are the people? If you’re just getting into shooting weddings or maybe you’re an old pro, I’m happy to share a list of photos that often get forgotten orĀ  stay trapped in our client galleries! Like a little refresher of images to capture for your clients.Photography Education | Quianna Marie

1. The Vows

Before the wedding as the couple is getting ready don’t forget to capture them reading + practicing their vows. Sometimes they’re rewriting them or having a moment rereading them. These are so sweet and a special memory to catch. Maybe they didn’t write their own vows? Catch them reading a card or opening a gift from their fiance.

2. Family Photos of Wedding Guests

This is a great opportunity to capture couples + young families all dolled up! As guests are arriving or during cocktail hour ask guests to step outside and shoot their little family. They’ll be so grateful and your couple will love to share these with them!

3. Father + Daughter Moments Before The Ceremony

Minutes before the ceremony photographers are often running around shooting guests + last minute ceremony decor while negotiating shooting locations with the videographers. Don’t forget to keep your second shooter close to the bride and her escort. These moments are full of nerves, happy tears, sometimes a whisky shot and tight hugs. Such a special moment for little Daddy’s girls!

4. Family In The Front Row

During all the excitement of the ceremony, don’t forget to capture parents + grandparents watching as well. They’re bound to laugh + let happy tears roll down their cheeks. Ceremonies are such a blur and go so quickly! Your couples will love to see these!!

5. Bouquet + Garter Toss

Lately, this tradition as been fading. I find that I shoot these traditions about every other wedding these days. Don’t be afraid to take charge and rally the girls in the perfect spot for photos (avoiding the chandelier) and placing her chair in the right location so you aren’t shooting into the DJ for the garter! These photos rarely make it on instagram or even make it in the album, but couples love to keep these! Ask the DJ to make an announcement for a photo for the catchers + the couple!

6. Guests Enjoying The Dances

Moments during the First Dance, Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance are great to capture family hugging + enjoying the dances, too!

7. Grandparents Dancing

During the reception I love to capture parents, grandparents + other couples dancing as well! While they’re spinning don’t be afraid to hop in and ask for a photo… this will turn their heads in the same direction! I mean, grab the candids, too! I try my best to get a shot with the couple + both sets of parents dancing in one photo. There’s something so sweet about oldies dancing, such an inspiration!

8. Smoking Section

Okay, I’m not promoting smokers over here, but every wedding reception has a section that a group gathers for a cigar! Typically these guys are enjoying the evening and may be avoiding photos, but I suggest popping in to this group for a quick photo and capture a distant one with them all under the twinkly lights. It’s just another piece of their day that they might not even know happened!

9. Speeches

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a speech shot on instagram! Okay… maybe I have like once or twice, but they’re really rare! I always ask the DJ to prep parents, maid of honors + best men to give their speech close to the couple so we can try to capture them all in one photo! It doesn’t always work out that way, but it’s worth trying! While they’re chatting don’t forget to snap reactions in the crowd.

10. Bathroom Details

Okay, call me crazy I know! This is only for photographers to read: We know camera’s are NOT allowed in the bathroom, however… it’s been trending to have brides provide a cute little basket in the bathroom for pampering in the ladies room. Just pop in and see if it’s there! My rule of thumb is that if the couple spent time or money on a project they’re going to want it to be photographed! It’s just a cute pinterest thing, but they’ll appreciate it!

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