As my business has shifted to focus more on content and brand photography, I have noticed a trend that applies to nearly every single small business. Business owners want just a few fresh and updated photos, but they want them often! In this episode, I am so excited to share my solution: Lucky 13, a […]


071: Introducing Lucky 13 Monthly Mini Brand Shoots  

Lucky 13 Monthly Mini Branding Shoots with Quianna Marie

Lucky 13 Monthly Mini Brand Shoots kicked off an incredible launch party!!! I’m beyond thankful for these ladies that showed up and brought all the high vibes for the FIRST official Lucky 13 photo shoot! For years I’ve been dreaming of offering a monthly membership, but to be honest it always felt a little daunting […]


January – Lucky 13 Monthly Mini Brand Shoots in Arizona

Imagine creating a tiny piece of content that increases your revenue and connects you with your dream clients for YEARS after you’ve hit publish. In today’s episode, I’m humbly bragging about the ways that blogging has done just that in my business. With just a little bit of planning and intention, blogging has changed my […]


070: How Blogging Makes My Life Easier and Bank Account Bigger

Blogging to increase revenue and save more time with Quianna Marie Weekly Podcast
Blogging is Sexy - Why it's worth your time and helps boost more business with Quianna Marie Weekly

What does feeling sexy have anything to do with your business or your blog? When your business feels sexy, you show up online as an authority. Clients want to learn from and invest in you, and your brand is perceived with a higher value. For today’s episode, I’m sharing my take on how you can […]


069: Blogging Is Sexy

As business owners, how do we even begin to navigate the limitless possibilities that a new year holds? We may feel overwhelmed by the rush of the new booking season and feel like we are at the mercy of our competition. In this episode, I’m breaking down five key ways I recommend marketing your business […]


068: Attracting New Clients For The New Year

Affirmations for the New Year - Photography and Entrepreneur Business Affirmations with Quianna Marie

Happy 2023! In this episode, I’m reflecting on how none of my resolutions, goals, or dreams would be possible without a healthy, positive, and strong mindset. For that reason, today I am sharing 12 affirmations for a fun and prosperous new year. On Quianna Marie Weekly, we’re chatting about business growing pains, finding genuine connections, […]

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067: Affirmations For The New Year

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