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Wedding Song Ideas It’s time to start to picking out your wedding songs… What comes to mind? Your first dance? A childhood favorite to dance with your father? The magical song that you’ll walk down the aisle to? What if I told you there’s more than 13 wedding songs to consider!!?!! Crazy right? Who knew […]

BY quiannamarie | March 14, 2019 | Wedding

Wedding Song Ideas | Featuring The Dancing Cowboy

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Creating your wedding guest list is like painting your bedroom… it’s fun for the first 5 minutes then it’s just annoying and actually kind of painful trying to make everything perfect! Start with these quick tips to help get your first draft started! 1. SHOW ME THE MONEYYY First, consider your budget! Before you start […]

BY quiannamarie | March 11, 2019 | Wedding

How To Make A Wedding Guest List | Tips + Tricks

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11 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wishes They Could Tell You 1. RELAX! You will be the only one to notice if something isn’t perfect! Enjoy the moment and let things unfold as they go. Nothing will play out exactly how you imagined and that’s the beauty of it! Your day will be surrounded by your favorite […]

BY quiannamarie | March 5, 2019 | Wedding

11 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wishes They Could Tell You

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Nervous about making the investment for your wedding photographer before your wedding? Freaking out about picking the right photographer? I get it. This is your day, probably the most expensive day of your life next to buying your first home or having your first baby! You have been eyeing a couple photographers before you even […]

BY quiannamarie | February 28, 2019 | Wedding

How To Ensure You LOVE Your Wedding Photos, BEFORE Your Wedding

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Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in an amazing and empowering event hosted by Bernice Grace. Just last week while scrolling instagram I came across an event Felicia Romero was speaking at and I couldn’t help but stalk Bernice to learn more! I was craving connection and something inside pulled me to sign up […]

BY quiannamarie | February 25, 2019 | Personal

RISE UP | Experiencing Your True Bliss with Bernice Grace Fit

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Hold Up… Before I ramble on about all these amazing gift ideas… YOU HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT THIS! THE PHOTOGRAPHY BUNDLE For one more day ONLY you can get your hands on this educational opportunity that feels way too good to be true! But it is! Here’s the deal… Over 20 Educational Courses Featuring Online […]

BY quiannamarie | February 11, 2019 | Personal

Valentine’s Gifts for Photographers