What if I told you that I have a friend who, through the pandemic, was able to bring in over $50,000 in her wedding business? And it was all through her wedding album sales? Babe, I am so excited to have the incredible Amandarose Szezo of AGS Photo Art as my guest today. We are […]

Amplify, Business Education, Photography Education, Podcast

40: Adding Albums to Amplify Your Weddings with Amandarose Szezorak

My love for photography started at a young age, and Mr. Rodriguez truly ignited the excitement I had for it. In today’s episode, I want to introduce you to my high school photography teacher, Mr. Rodriguez. Throughout our conversation, we discuss a few lessons he taught me in school, how changes in technology have and […]

Business Education, Photography Education, Podcast

016: Introducing My High School Photography Teacher Mr. Rodriguez

Building trust with your couples is so important and the easiest way to do that is to provide them with resources that will help them believe in you. In today’s episode I’m sharing how I’ve created intentional touch points in my client experience to earn the trust of my couples, but also giving you a […]

Business Education, Photography Education, Podcast

013: Creating A Shot List For Wedding Photographers

The experience you’re providing to your couples on their wedding day and leading up to it is so important! I’m a big believer in turning your couples into your friends, and being their right-hand gal every moment of their big day! In today’s episode, I’m joined by my past bride turned wedding photographer, Rachel Maudlin […]

Business Education, Photography Education, Podcast

010: The Full Wedding Experience From Bride to Wedding Photographer with Rachel Mauldin

What if I told you that you could book future weddings while you’re working your current wedding? Well, guess what, you can and you should be! In today’s episode, I’m sharing five strategies that have revolutionized my wedding days in working with Queen Bee Brides and allowed me to connect and book future weddings while […]

Business Education, Photography Education, Podcast

009: Booking Your Next Wedding While Working Your Current Wedding

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