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Wedding Song Ideas

It’s time to start to picking out your wedding songs… What comes to mind? Your first dance? A childhood favorite to dance with your father? The magical song that you’ll walk down the aisle to? What if I told you there’s more than 13 wedding songs to consider!!?!! Crazy right? Who knew there were so many wedding events to feature special songs?

For this blog I reached out to collaborate with The Dancing Cowboy┬áto learn more about wedding songs that often get forgotten! As an expert DJ, line dance instructor and wedding MC’er, Adam has a long list of songs to pick for your day!

1. Pre-Ceremony Playlist

This is the prelude that most couples forget to consider. Your wedding doesn’t begin with your grandparents walking down the aisle to find their front row seats, it actually begins about 30 minutes before you even walk down the aisle! Consider bubbly, happy and inviting tunes to give your guests the hint that your ceremony is about to begin! Most DJ’s end up picking these songs, but it’s helpful to pick a couple favorites to share the vibe and request similar songs to fill this time before your debut!

2. Bridesmaids & Flower Girls Walk

Depending on how many are in your wedding party you may need to consider up to two songs for your girls and ring bearer.

3. Processional

This is the song that you’ll walk down the aisle to! Everyone thinks of this one, however it may be helpful to work with your DJ to ensure you’re queued up and everything is timed perfectly.

4. Recessional

This is the song that declares YOU’RE MARRIED!!! The two of you will lead the wedding party out of the ceremony and guests will kick start cocktail hour. Have fun with this one! Now that the vows and sentimental moments have been exchanged, it’s time to get the celebration started.

5. Wedding Party Introductions

Some couples go crazy and pick a song for the bridesmaids and another song for the groomsmen and I’ve seen weddings with each pair that has their own song! Some just keep it simple with one song for all introductions. So many options!

6. Grand Entrance

Everyone is seated, your wedding party has just rolled in and now it’s your turn to officially be announced!

7. First Dance

Consider something old, new or anything that makes you smile!

8. Cake Cutting

This one should take the cake! Something fun and sweet or just a favorite love song. No need to stress about this one, but definitely a song not to forget!

9. Bride & Father

Parent dances are just the cutest. Pumped and up beat or slow and sweet, just don’t forget to pick something to honor your parents.

10. Groom & Mother

Bring on the tears or cut up the rug! This song choice is all up to you!

11. Bouquet Toss

Get all the singles ladies out on the dance floor! Play a throwback favorite or a new hit. Something fun to get the girls ready to catch their fate!

12. Garter Toss

Don’t forget to pick a song for this fun tradition, too! Need ideas? Your DJ will have lots of ideas to keep it fresh and fun!

13. Last Dance

Your wedding party has been rocking out and you’re having the time of your life. Pick one last song to end the reception and kick off the after party!


Special thanks to Adam The Dancing Cowboy for sharing these songs and events to consider, some that often get forgotten to plan for!


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Wedding Song Ideas | Featuring The Dancing Cowboy

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