Quianna Marie Photography_0434Instagram stories have blown up within last year and I’m sure a couple weddings have been blown in the mean time! For example… posting a sneak peek of the dress BEFORE the first look, sharing glimpses of the reception space BEFORE the guests arrive. With the excitement of the day it’s easy to be anxious to share your BTS (Behind The Scenes photos!) but here’s the deal… As photographers we are hired to capture the day, lend a hand when we can, offer therapy advice, pin boutonni√®res, keep the timeline chugging along… among dozens of other tasks at the same time! Our job ISN’T to snap a cool insta story.

Allow the bride’s cousin to share a behind the scenes snap LIVE,

don’t let that be you!¬†

So, I’ve created 5 Tips to Help You Share a Successful Insta Story AFTER the wedding and how this will help get more views, gain followers and truly share a beautiful day for your couple!


Yes, when you’re pulling out your phone to grab a cute boomerang or quick photo… be FAST! All you need is a quick snap and put your phone away! When you have your phone out for too long adding vendors, location tagging and finding the perfect font it just takes too long! It looks like you’re distracted and may be missing photo opts! You should have your big camera out and be shooting!


Have you ever posted a photo to instagram and then instantly regret it because a cuter picture comes along? Yep. The same goes for insta stories! It’s always best to have a bank at the end of the day of photos, BTS, boomerangs + videos to curate into the BEST highlight story of the day!


Many of my brides are super chill and are just so happy that their day is finally here that they are happy to have their family, bridesmaids + friends post all day. Even if they make you feel like family, please remember that this is their day to relish in! Keep sneak peeks of wedding details, the ceremony, first look, + reception under wraps until the end! It just keeps things so much more special for the wedding party to share in the moment. This also gives guests that have yet to arrive an element of surprise.


Yes, I know this sounds silly… but that’s the point right? Create a killer insta story, share with a whole new wedding party and expose yourself to more AWESOME people? Okay, well here’s the deal… On any given wedding day most of the wedding party (hopefully) has their phones tucked away and they are living in the moment! They don’t have their phones out to be on social media and if they are it’s to throw up a quick photo and get back to dancing! By waiting to post your insta story until the next morning the hype of the day feels like it keeps going for 48 hours instead of just those quick 24 hours! Your couple will LOVE you for being able to view their story over and over before it’s GONE!


By waiting until the next day you can throw up a handful of your professional photos to piggy back on your BTS Wedding Story! This is a great way to grow your following + build those relationships with the wedding party. Don’t forget to keep that one couples story cohesive and all about them! (Don’t include random snaps of your day or upcoming events!) This way you can save their entire story and share! They’ll be so grateful!

Hopefully these tips helps to create the PERFECT wedding insta story! Can’t wait to see a bunch of these coming up soon this wedding season!

Best of Luck, Quianna Marie

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5 Tips to Insta-Story A Wedding Without Blowing It |Wedding Photography Education| Quianna Marie

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