Sometimes you need to just make time to be creative! Wedding mornings are NOT the time to practice and feel stressed to capture the gorgeous details. It should feel fun, light hearted and creative! By just grabbing items around the house, you can make details look effortless and beautiful!

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For today’s video I’m sharing all about being resourceful and making things work with what you got!

Calligraphy By: Sarah Ann Design + Andrea Casals Art

These invitation suites were from past styled shoots that I’ve archived and kept safe to play with. Don’t have any of these just lying around the house? Ask local calligraphers for sample work! They often have old projects they’ll be more than happy to share! Just be sure to tag them appropriately.

Skirt By: Morning Lavender

Loved this skirt that I wore for my The Knot Best of 2019 shoot with So Cute Photo

Grab maxi dresses, old bridesmaid gowns or even table cloths! Use your imagination to be resourceful!

Thanks for watching! What else can I help you with? Let me know in the comments!

With Love, Quianna

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