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What If Your Wedding Vendor Goes Out of Business

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You’ve signed the contract, you’ve paid your deposit, and you’ve been in contact with your vendor. But, what happens when that vendor suddenly stops responding?

Then, you receive an email that your invoice has been cancelled even though you’ve paid everything on time. Sounds like every bride’s worst nightmare!

Your first move is to take a really deep breath then quickly and efficiently try to come up with a solution or if you are lucky hand this over to your planner to handle for you. In my case, as both the planner and the bride I knew I needed to take action as if I was just the planner. I quickly sent emails to the company trying to gather information on what occurred.

After 48 hours of no response I called my credit card company, which I had paid my deposit through, and was able to put in a case for fraud due to services not rendered. This, fortunately, allowed me to receive a full refund. But, here I was two and half months out from my wedding without this particular vendor!

What is a bride to do? Reach out to my network of course!

I was able to reach out to both my professional network and personal network to get recommendations to replace the vendor. Once I had received quite a few recommendations I was able to narrow down my selections to my top few. From there I proceeded to reach out and ensure they had my date available before discussing the cost of services. I was extremely lucky that I was able to secure a fantastic replacement vendor who ended up being much better than the original!

A big lesson here, ALWAYS VET YOUR VENDORS!

It’s easy to want to find the vendor that is the cheapest because hey, weddings are expensive! But, you run the risk of getting what you paid for. A wedding planner is also extremely helpful here. They have built their businesses by networking with vendors in the area and can provide you with a preferred list. If a planner isn’t in your budget using your own network can be helpful as well to find reputable vendors. Just be sure to do your own due diligence!

Need a planner or wedding manager? Reach out! I would love to hear from you and help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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Thank you for sharing Christa! Thankfully, with your incredible referrals and efficiency you guys were able to not only get your money back, but book a replacement that you loved! As your business continues to grow I know you will be an advocate for your brides and their sanity. Planning a wedding has its challenges, but having a strong, reliable and professional vendor team helps tremendously!

KEY TIP: Always ask trusted vendors for referrals. Venues, wedding planners and photographers work very closely with vendors throughout the entire wedding planning process. They’ll know who you can trust and which vendor meets standards, based on your budget.

If you are interested in sharing a key tip, wedding DIY hack or sharing an experience that will help other couples sleep at night, please reach out! We would love to hear about everything from horror stories, recommendations and beautiful inspiration! Always looking to feature wedding vendors, past clients and business owners. Please apply, here!

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What If Your Wedding Vendor Goes Out of Business? | Exquisitely Detailed Events | Vendor Feature

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