Every wedding has a timeline that we try our best to stick to, but sometimes it’s the unforeseen disasters that can throw off your entire day! But what if I told you that these disasters aren’t really disasters, but moments that you are going to WANT more time for? You see these are just little glitches in the day that are not only going to need your attention, but you’ll want to spend extra time soaking up.

Cards + Gifts

This can add an additional 20-30 minutes! Now, I’m not talking about being a slow reader, but you know that one bridesmaid that insists everyone is in the room at once to open the same gifts at the same time? During the chaos you’ll want to pause and enjoy these moments with your girls and special exchanges with your parents.


Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but all hair and makeup falls into this category! Maybe the braid you imagined isn’t just right… Maybe your stylist over lined your lips a bit more than the trial and just that amount is enough to make you not feel like yourself. Maybe you’re perfectly happy, but your cousin is having a melt down in the bathroom about her eyeliner and your sister is unhappy with her updo… things can happen that morning and you’ll want plenty of time to not feel rushed. Allow time to give direct directions to your stylists, they’re the professionals, but working in person and matching colors and visions takes time. Eyelashes. Digging through bags to find your deodorant. Making sure your Mom is happy with her make up and selecting the perfect necklace… it all takes more time than you think!

Walking + Elevators 

Yes, it’s easy to add buffers for possible traffic, but many forget about actually WALKING in between destinations. Often times venues are spread out with many steps (in heels) between the next location. It’s always best to add an additional 15-20 minutes for these transitions.


Don’t forget to eat! Ensure you have about a 30 minute lunch break to drop everything to simply eat a sandwich. Everyone plans for bagels, fruit and champagne… but you’re going to want a hefty lunch that may be your only real meal of the day! I never want you to pick between touching up lipstick or eating salami… make time for both!

Hugs and Kisses AFTER Your Ceremony 

There’s a blur of time that feels like a thousand years and seven seconds at the same time right after you’re officially married! You head down the aisle and your wedding party surrounds you! Often times champaign is poured and apps are shared. This time usually sucks up into your family portraits and sunset photo time slots… extend it! Plan for this time! You’ll want to embrace each other, hug and CELEBRATE!

BONUS: I can guarantee that after shooting over 150+ weddings I have never heard a bride sigh, “I’m bored.” With each extra moment to breathe you’ll give yourself the gift of peace, relaxation and pure moments to soak up these feelings without feeling stressed. I used to promote more time for photos, but that’s just a bonus! The true win is helping you, the wedding party and your family FEEL prepared and smooth to ENJOY your day!

Have more questions? I’d LOVE to help, just shoot over an email to hello@quiannamarie.com or send a DM through insta! I’m always happy to help!

XOXO, Quianna Marie

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