Nervous about making the investment for your wedding photographer before your wedding? Freaking out about picking the right photographer? I get it. This is your day, probably the most expensive day of your life next to buying your first home or having your first baby! You have been eyeing a couple photographers before you even said, “YES!” and now it’s time to really lock down that dream photographer and sign that contract.

but… How Do You Make Sure You’ll LOVE Your Photos? Well, believe it or not these tips will ensure you love your wedding gallery no matter which photographer you choose!

Clos LaChance Winery Wedding by Quianna Marie

1. Make Sure You’re Marrying Your Best Friend

Sounds silly, but it’s true! Have some hearts to hearts with your fiance and truly ask yourselves why you’re getting married? If every wedding day detail was stripped away and all that was left was your marriage license and a vow change in front of your officiant, would you still be more than happy to get married? If you are getting married for the right reasons, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what color the bridesmaids are wearing or what venue you selected as long as you’ll be MARRIED at the end of the day!

2. Only Invite Your Favorite People

I know, I know. Easier said than done and family politics can be tough. Take some time to not only consider your guest list based on budget, but also how they make you FEEL. There’s no need to invite an old roommate that gets under your skin just because she’s still in touch with your girlfriends or an extended toxic family member just because you were invited to her wedding two years ago. Do what feels right and know in your heart that everyone with an invitation brings you joy. Marie Kondo the crap out of your guest list!

3. Select A Strong Vendor Team + Trust Them

Seriously though, do your research! Stalk vendors and their reviews and always take first hand referrals into consideration. Typically venues will have a handful of preferred vendors and they have this list for a reason. Not sure about DJ’s or Catering options? Ask friends + keep venue recommendations at the top of the list for referrals. They know if vendors are trustworthy, friendly and professional or not! With a dream vendor team and plans made in advance you’ll truly be able to relax and ENJOY your day! Which leads me to the next key tip!

4. Hire A Planner or Day of Coordinator

Even with all the best planning and timelines there are so many moving parts to a wedding day that you’ll want a couple extra hands and eye balls to help! Maybe a full fledged planning + design team isn’t in your budget and that’s okay! But I do highly recommend hiring a day of coordination team to help set up your dessert table, usher guests and break down everything.

If your venue offers a venue coordinator that would be a great addition to your day! But I always recommend asking about their responsibilities of the day and what they will actually be helping with. You may still consider hiring an extra coordinator based on what they offer.

5. Plan Gifts, DIY Projects, Hand Written Notes + Vows in Advance

This one is a no brainer, but always a safe reminder for engaged couples. If you’re thinking of writing love notes to your bridesmaids or building a corn hole set from scratch… give yourself grace and start working on those projects NOW! There’s nothing worse than having to wait for your eye lashes to dry while you’re stuffing favors or figuring out seating arrangements hours before you walk down the aisle! It’s never too early to start your DIY projects.

But Really…

Okay… think quick! How many favorite iPhone photos do you have of you and your crush before you’re engagement that you LOVE? Catch any red eyes at a country concert? Blurry kisses on the beach? Pops of flash on a dance floor from a best friends wedding? Think of all these memories and the reason why you LOVE those photos so much, even if they aren’t perfectly posed or exposed. Those pics snap you right back to a memory. A time when you were having FUN, living your best life and truly enjoying the moment.

Be like Elsa and let everything go! Set everything up the best you can before hand and let the day surprise you! Release your expectations and soak up every moment for what it is and I promise you that no matter which photographer you choose, you’ll love to relive your day!

Just never forget that this is YOUR day… With the right people there to celebrate and some planning you can’t go wrong!

With Love,


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