As a wedding photographer it’s just as important to capture memories as it is to actually create them! While you are experiencing the happiest moments of your life, I get to live out my dream as well…

Happy tears, champagne clinks, and all the feels give me life and I’m proud to be a wedding photographer! 

My obsession for cameras and photography started at a young age, but never in wildest dreams thought I could actually make a career out of taking pictures! It wasn’t until I shot my very first wedding that I knew this was my calling… It took me over a decade to become a full time wedding photographer and it was the scariest, most rewarding decision ever! 

Picking your fiancé and saying, “YES!” to forever was the easiest decision ever, yeah? That’s how I feel about wedding photography!

I wasn’t always a business owner. It all started in a preschool classroom, dressed as a tooth fairy when I finally took my leap…

This was me just 6 years ago! I was teaching preschool and becoming a full time photographer felt like decades away. At this time I was in love with a boy that only lived for the weekends, I didn’t exercise very much or eat well and always put others needs first. Life was good. I really thought everything was alright. Butttt deep down I was unhappy and always felt like something was missing. I felt like I didn’t fit in and like I could never do anything right.

If I could chime into this tooth fairy’s ear back then I would tell her to run. Keep striving for your dreams everyday and surround yourself with others that not only support you, but challenge you to grow together. Those BIG and CRAZY dreams aren’t that out of reach!

I thought I knew happiness then. Today I may not have it all together, but I’ve never felt more fulfilled by answering my calling as a photographer and creative educator. Living a life I LOVE!

Feeling stuck? Unsure? Not too happy? It’s just a phase my love and part of your journey. Keep pushing. Keep your spirits high and your standards higher. Everything you need to be successful is already in you, it’s just a choice.

Have questions? Need some inspiration or a kick start for more motivation? I got you, boo!

XOXO, Quianna Marie

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