As a destination wedding photographer my heart and soul goes into my business. My couples give me life, share hope and inspire me to never settle! Their love stories are real life fairy tales! But how did this all begin? When friends ask how I am, my instant response is to update them on travels for business and up coming events, then they stop me and ask, “No, Qui! How are YOU?” Looking at the frazzled it’s hard to come up with something to say other than tired?

Well I’m excited to share 10 Fun Facts About Me that many don’t know! Take a scroll to dig deeper into my past, learn more about my quirky traits and silly things that make me, ME! Not just a photographer, not just a business owner, but the real Quianna Marie…

1. I started photographing my brother on the race track and doing Evil Knievel tricks in our back yard. I was the big sister that would lay under jumps to capture him flying over me. #lifebeforesnapchat

2. I brush my hair outside. I know it sounds silly, but I love to sip my coffee in the morning, plant my feet on the ground and brush my hair in the morning air. It’s like my own little moment of meditation before the day starts. I think about what I’m grateful for and start with a couple prayers to help find direction for the day.

3. I have a record high of being on 9 emergency contact lists for small children at once! You know the list each child has for pick up releases and sick days? Yeah, thank goodness there was never a big emergency where they all needed me at once! I guess it’s a perk of being a stay at home Auntie!

4. I can eat tacos every day! You know how entrepreneurs brag about having to live off top ramen to survive? I live off bean and cheese burritos.

5. I’m freakishly good at pictionary! I suck at drawing but love the experience of how people’s minds work… Everyone thinks my Mom and I cheat, but nope! I truly think we just have a sixth sense and can read people’s mind a bit.

6. Which leads me to number 6… cemeteries don’t scare me, but they do give me anxiety because I feel a rush of ideas and creativity sparked each time I go. That’s whats freaky!

7. If you’re still reading and don’t think I’m a wack job, thanks! Here’s some more…

8.  In group settings I’m actually really quiet. If it’s just the two of us and I’ve warmed up I’ll talk your ear off, but I’m mostly the quiet one around my family or with a group of friends. You can find me holding babies are petting the dog.

9. I love making dishes to share like cheese plates or a turkey made of fruit! Pinterest recipes make my heart happy!

10. My last name is Sanchez. When I was in college I legit got in an argument (it felt heated, but I was nice about it) with one of my professors about creating my business name. She was adamant about me using my first and last name, while I was stubborn about keeping my first and middle. I fought that my name will forever be “Quianna Marie” and one day I hope to get married and take my husband’s last name. I knew back then that my business would grow with me for generations to come and I didn’t want to worry about changing names! I won her over because Marie rhymes with photography!

Yes, I’m a business owner… but I’m also just a small town girl obsessed with creating experiences, sharing happy memories and bringing my favorite people together! I love succulents, farmers markets and day drinking after a hike!

Are we friends? I hope so!

LET’S CONNECT! I hang out on Instagram, scroll through Facebook and love to share education and adventures on YouTube!

With Love, Quianna Marie

Photography: So Cute Photo

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