Recently engaged? Starting to lock down vendors? Maybe you don’t even know where to begin and spend your time just staring at your new bling? Well, if you’re indecisive like me and fear committing to something just to scroll and find something better on pinterest… I’m here for you!

Selecting your photographer should be like picking your best friend. HECK, picking your wedding photographer should be just as big of a decision as picking your fiance. Okay, that’s a little extreme to rank any wedding vendor as important as that, but really… your wedding photographer can make or break your wedding in a heart beat!

I’m excited to share a quick guide and sneak peek at the wedding experience that I get to share with my couples. You see, in my business my job begins BEFORE you even inquiry for pricing and lasts for a lifetime. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit dramatic, but wedding photography and your memories are no joke!

So how does it start before the first email hits my inbox? Well, I love to host events, share education and blog content for couples. You can find me on instagram, here on the blog or out in the real world sharing key tips, experiences, ideas and DIY hacks daily! Yes, I’m a bit obsessed, but when you pull back the layers, my true passion is helping and serving others. My mission throughout this experience is not to just send you a link of beautiful images, but to truly help you, your fiance and your families FEEL like your wedding was the best day of your life, yet!

Okay, now we’re getting to the point…

The Wedding Experience

Let’s Be Friends

Once you have stalked my instagram, read all my reviews and have fallen in love with my photography style let’s grab a drink! Iced coffee, happy hour or meet up with water for a hike! Once you send that email that you’re interested in learning more and to see pricing I love engaging right away to help with any questions. After sharing the pricing guide and you think we would be a good fit we pick a date to hang! When you’re selecting your photographer, don’t forget that you’re selecting their personality just as much as their photography! Let’s make sure we click!


Once all of the booking details are covered I love to include an engagement session. Literally a day date to get outdoors, spend even more time building a friendship and learning all about your good sides and most flattering poses. My wedding collections include your engagement session because I believe whole heartily that couples deserve a celebration for their engagement! Plus, it’s great practice before your big day! I’ll help you with posing and what to do with your hands!!

Timeline Help

As a natural light photographer it’s important to jump in right away and assist in any way I can to ensure your timeline is smooth and stress free! Right away I’ll be your cheerleader campaigning for plenty of champagne sipping, details, portrait time, transitions (who thinks it takes 12 minutes to walk down the stairs?) and dreamy sunset photos. I got you, boo! I want to ensure there’s plenty of time for gift exchanges and moments for you to soak everything up!

Your Wedding Day

This is your day to relax and let me get to work! I thrive on the excitement and emotions of the day! I believe in telling the full story of your day, so I never shoot less than 8 hours. This day is going to be a blur to you and so I make it a priority to capture the traditional shots that every couple needs, while also capturing the moments in between in a creative and unique way. After the wedding, you’ll be featured on the Quianna Marie Blog the following week! I love to share weddings while everyone is still in cloud nine from the day instead of keeping couples waiting!

Check out a couple REAL Wedding Blogs…

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Gallery + Album Design

After your wedding is over you two will receive a complete online gallery full of hundreds and hundreds of photos! I encourage all Quianna Marie Couples to sit down with a glass of wine the night their gallery goes live and
enjoy reliving your day! If you ordered an album you’ll receive your proof design and you can begin to customize your legacy album!

Palm Event Center Wedding | Quianna Marie

It feels impossible to condense the entire wedding experience in these paragraphs! But this is just the summary! Think we would be a good fit? I would LOVE to learn more about you guys and how I can help enhance this exciting chapter of your lives!

XOXO, Quianna Marie

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The Wedding Experience with Quianna Marie

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