Dear Brides, It’s not you I just need my space…

Dear Brides,

When it’s time to plan your ceremony, please oh please give me space! I need that extra wiggle room to roam around without being up close and personal. I love the freedom to move with ease without elbow checking guests (on accident of course) or being so close to cheeks that my shutter is distracting.

I am happy to share tips to ensure a ceremony space created with your favorite photographer in mind!

5 Tips for the Picture Perfect Ceremony Space

  1. Allow enough space for three aisles. This includes your center aisle and two on the sides. Plenty of room for two photographers to move around!
  2. Triple check that your entire ceremony space has similar lighting. I always advice couples to visit their venue during the same season and time of their scheduled ceremony. Look for open shade and ensure both bridal parties have the same kind of light. (Tip: Avoid bright sun on some and shade on others!) It could just be a a couple steps away or a small degree of an angle change to shift your ceremony space into the most magical (and even) lighting. *If you need help looking for that perfect light, I am more than happy to help!
  3. Prepare a stroller parking location away from your ceremony space. I absolutely love capturing the details before and during your ceremony. I promise you’re not going to want the back and sides of your rows to be cluttered like Disneyland stroller parking!
  4. With so much attention to detail for your alter/arbor space don’t forget to consider the view behind your ceremony. (For example: What’s behind you as you’re walking down the aisle to your future hubby? A parking lot?) If these details are out of your control, totally fine! No reason to stress about something you can’t change… I promise to hide cars and looky-loo’s!
  5. Unplug your wedding. I can’t stress this enough. Encourage your family and friends to be fully present during your ceremony and put their phones and iPads away. Yes! I really just said iPads. I once photographed a gorgeous wedding and nearly missed the first kiss because one of the groom’s uncles stepped out in the middle of the aisle to capture the first kiss. Thank God they were going for a mini make out session and not a peck on the lips, so I was able to pass by him and capture the kiss!quianna-marie-photography-lindsay-tony-blog-63

The beauty of ceremonies are that they are all unique, traditional and special in their own way. With just a couple lighting tips and suggestions for the interest of lighting it can make the world of difference!

If you enjoyed these tips please share with a bride! Also, if you have any suggestions to add to the list, please let me know!

With love, Quianna Marie

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