Jasmine + Joe: Engaged | Willow Heights Mansion | Quianna Marie Photography

With a sneak peek preview to their wedding venue, Jasmine and Joe selected the perfect place for  before and after photos! I can’t wait to photograph this exact photo next year on their wedding day!

quiannamariephotography_1247quiannamariephotography_1248The day of their engagement session was in the heat of the Loma Prieta fires, but this didn’t burn out the spark between them for their photos! quiannamariephotography_1246quiannamariephotography_1249quiannamariephotography_1250quiannamariephotography_1256Their sweet fur babies are excited for Mommy and Daddy to finally tie the knot!quiannamariephotography_1251quiannamariephotography_1253quiannamariephotography_1252Really? Absolutely love their little family!quiannamariephotography_1254quiannamariephotography_1255


Looking forward to capturing these two promise forever next year at the gorgeous Willow Heights Mansion! I am honored to be their photographer! Hurry up September!

With love, Quianna Marie

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2 thoughts on “Jasmine + Joe: Engaged | Willow Heights Mansion | Quianna Marie Photography

  1. Q ~ you absolutely KILL ME with your creative idea’s, settings & capturing special and endearing moments. You have grown into such an accomplished photographer at such an early age… I can’t wait to see what becomes of you & your passionate pursuit that you’ve chosen as your career! “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”!!! These particular photos are very near & dear to my ❤️ heart (gee, I wonder why?!! 😜). Can’t wait to book you for the wedding! And hopefully the Bridal Shower too! Love you Q! XOXOXO, Mama K 😘


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