I’ve been in your shoes! I understand what it’s like to get a new inquiry from someone outside of your circle, you want to impress them and look friendly, but professional. Sending an email with your pricing and snail mailing contracts just doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to step up your game!

When I first started my business I relied on my heart, passion and creativity. Friends started asking for photo shoots and soon referrals were shared with people outside of my network. There came a point where my creative eye didn’t match my business professionalism. “I needed a tool to help me stay organized, look like a pro and turn my passion into profits.” It was time to switch my identity from a talented girl with a dream to a professional business.

Hello, HoneyBook!

Customized workflows, contracts, invoicing and client communication all in one location! Thanks to HoneyBook I was able to do all of this on my own without a VA (virtual assistant). As a sole proprietor, utilizing HoneyBook I was able to hit those six-figure numbers! Here’s 6 Ways HoneyBook has changed my life and allowed me to truly turn my passion into my profession.

6 Ways HoneyBook Helped Me Reach 6 Figures

Number One | Look Legit

HoneyBook is so beautiful! It’s completely customizable to match your brand, colors and your vibe. Add your logo, import images and details that set you apart! Think of HoneyBook as your home… Social media, referrals and your website brought your clients to your door! How are you treating them once they enter? First impressions are everything and HoneyBook is a great way to set expectations and greet your clients professionally.

Number Two | Client Experience

Having EVERYTHING in one location has been a life saver! Email communication, pricing guides, workflows, contracts, invoices, questionnaires, bookkeeping… YES! HoneyBook is your one stop shop for all of your creative business needs. Gone are the days of multiple email threads, relying on your search box! HoneyBook keeps you and your clients all on the same page. Automation is another feature that HoneyBook offers that makes sure my clients are well taken care of. All of this adds up to a professional relationship with clients that they love and trust.

Number Three | Mobile On The Go

I love how Honeybook offers a reliable and easy mobile app, too! At any given time (with Wifi!) I have access to each of my clients at my finger tips! This also makes booking efficient on the go or at the beach. I have a record of 5.8 minutes it took for a client to send their first payment once they contacted me to book! That right there is GOLD!

Number Four | Money

HoneyBook creates super safe, reliable and secured transactions for my clients. I don’t have to worry about handling their credit cards, accepting checks or dealing with documenting venmo payments. Plus, my clients love the flexibility of payment plans! Automatic payment options and gentle reminders are great so clients don’t have to hunt me down to pay me.

Number Five | Real Humans

HoneyBook has an incredible support system of real humans behind their company! They’re not just another website in the cloud… they’re real people, partnered with The Rising Tide Society to help make a difference in the world! HoneyBook truly has a heart for the people behind creative entrepreneurs and businesses. I love that they work hard all day, every day to come up with new integrations and new tools to help your business succeed. When my efforts are matched by another company that shares the same heart, really awesome things happen and it makes me proud to be a #Honeybooker

Number Six | Community

HoneyBook also offers an incredible community of creative business owners. Not only do they crowd source for valuable business content, but they created a safe place to network! Imagine a craigslist for creatives… We can list upcoming opportunities, search for vendors and share referrals. Maybe you’re trying to find your bride a vegan – gluten free cake in Lake Tahoe or will be traveling to Italy for a wedding and would love to connect with a local wedding planner… Since Honeybook is global the opportunities are limitless!

How does this improve my bottom line? This community helps fill my calendar and share referrals! I often find second shooters and pick up gigs based on my availability. Having this professional platform validates my pricing and gives my clients the best booking experience as possible. It’s truly an answer to my prayers!

Ready to book more dream clients?

Ready to impress them without sacrificing more time?

Ready to turn your passion into your profession?

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Looking forward to helping you reach your goals, without getting burnt out!

XOXO, Quianna Marie

Full transparency, YES! I’m running a business and I do get a kick back, like pennies to the dollar of anything purchased, but opportunities like these allow me to continue chasing my dreams while providing helpful content for you and your wedding experience! If you’re planning to purchase anyways, by using my link I’ll literally be doing a happy dance with each click! THANK YOU!

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6 Ways HoneyBook Helped Me Reach 6 Figures

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