The Tool Kit That Swapped My Part Time Hustle for My Full Time Dream Job | Quianna Marie

Five years ago I was celebrating my graduation from college and never felt so lost and uncertain about my wedding photography dreams. I was the girl in class with the bubbly personality, the least expensive equipment and smallest fleet of lenses. I felt discouraged and nervous about jumping into a wedding industry that I knew nothing about!

Just within my last couple of days of school a friend introduced me to Jasmine Star’s blog and I was mesmerized! She wasn’t a middle aged dad with a goatee and beer gut that most “stereotypical” photographers were! She was gorgeous, inspiring, and clearly making a name for herself… basically my DREAM big sister!

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 8.47.55 AM.png

I was hooked. I poured myself into her blog, listened to the podcasts and read the books she recommended! I became a sponge to learning her grind and respecting her hustle!

The best decision of my career was to make the time to LEARN.

Got a question about beginning your small business? There’s a podcast for that!

Curious how to crack into your local luxury market? There’s a blog post about it.

Anxious to get out there and meet some crazy talented local vendors? There’s a Facebook group for that!

The answers are out there already… you just need to open your heart and do some WORK!

Since I have spent the last five years falling asleep reading blogs and waking up to my iPad smacking my face in bed, traveling the country to learn from our industry leaders and continuously guiding my small business arrow with trial and error, I’m HAPPY to share some quick pointers and lead you in the right direction!

You see there’s nothing different between me and you. We both want to be able to walk around Target with an iced coffee at 11am on a Tuesday and I’m guessing a frosty beverage on the beach with a hefty bank account sounds pretty good right about now?! We all have goals and life aspirations, I promise it’s yours for the taking! It just takes work. HARD WORK. To catch you up to speed on all of my favorite’s check out my tool kit!


Quianna Marie Photography_0140.jpg


The Magnolia Story | Big Magic |The Best YesUninvited | The Total Money Make Over

If you’re anything like me you need it all… Hard facts, creative pushes and inspiration sprinkled with a few bible verses to get myself in gear! These books completely transformed my way of thinking and motivated me to have faith in myself. This line up offers all of the above!


Quianna Marie Photography_0141.jpg

Goal Digger | Creative Empire | Being Boss | Jess Lively

Up until last year I used to just listen to country music or watch FRIENDS reruns as background noise while I spent hours on my laptop… NOW I listen to podcasts and it has been the biggest game changer for my business! Instead of mindlessly listening to whatever was playing on Pandora I get the opportunity to listen to these lady bosses and their special guests share nuggets of wisdom that keep me on my toes!


Quianna Marie Photography_0142

Jasmine Star | Amy + Jordan | Katelyn James | Hope Taylor | Natalie Franke

This line up is GOLD! I could spend hours and hours diving into their blogs to learn everything from how to come up with instagram captions, struggles with difficult clients and even what shoes to wear on wedding days! These power houses have it ALL! Trade in some netflix and chill nights to stalk their blogs and SEARCH anything your heart desires, I promise they have exactly what you’re looking for!



What We’re All AboutFind Your Local Chapter | Tuesdays TogetherInstagram

As the co-leader of our San Jose Chapter I am beyond grateful for this world wide community! As a business owner life can be rough and feel very lonely while I’m working away at my dining room table! This #communityovercompetition movement has connected me with like minded, passionate and inspiring creatives that has elevated my business on the daily! Get outside and meet some local creatives in your neighborhood!

I promise that all of your answers to your deepest struggles are at your fingertips! It just takes some time, grit and direction to connect with small businesses that have been there, done that!

toolkit post

Want even more direct questions answered? I got you, boo!

How to make the leap to full time?

How to QUICKLY grow your social media?

How to navigate relationships as an entrepreneur?

How to optimize GROWTH in one year?

How to come up with #fridayintroduction posts?

I promise… there’s a blog, webinar, book or podcast for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! You just need the drive to hunt for them!

I hope this tool kit as helped give you a boost and brisk kick in the butt to find what you need!

As always I’m cheering for you!

With Love, Quianna

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