Have you ever attended a wedding when everything just kept going wrong? Straps rip, limos get sent to the wrong address on accident and everything felt rushed? That’s literally my worst nightmare. As your photographer I want to help in anyway that I can to ensure you feel relaxed, blissful and full of happiness when it’s your turn!

So, I’ve whipped three quick key tips to help kill any stress on your wedding day!


Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and truly feel like a bride! I’m a huge advocate for adding buffer times and rounding up to the nearest hour to allow extra memories and moments to enjoy!

Key Tip: Everything takes LONGER on wedding days! Putting on your shoes? That literally takes 5 minutes. Opening a card and exchanging gifts? 15 minutes. Gathering bags, phone chargers, shoes and touch up lip stick before you leave the hotel? 20 minutes! Helping your mother decide between two necklaces? 5 minutes! Please note that these time suckers aren’t time suckers at all! They truly add to your day and you’ll want to enjoy them without feeling stressed.


Give your bride tribe, family and coordination team a list of tasks that allows you to truly enjoy the day! Making decisions on your day will be too crazy and just feel stressful!

Key Tip: Trust your vendors and plan as much ahead of time as possible! Don’t save last minute seating chart decisions for the day of and give yourself grace to see it all come together.

Live In The Moment

Once the day has started, be like Elsa and let it go! Don’t stress over the tiny details and fall in love with every moment! Only you will notice if something isn’t perfect.

Key Tip: After all of your hard work, planning and big investments… simply enjoy it! Surround yourself with your favorite people and let go of any expectations.

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