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So you’re ready…

You’ve invested in your all time favorite industry leader. You are ready to start attracting your ideal clients, gain education and priceless experiences. Well, now that your bags are packed I’m happy to share some of my experiences to help you gain the MOST out of your workshop experience!

Here are my top three tips for leaving an impression, making lasting friendships with passionate creatives with hearts like yours and making these workshops WORTH every penny!

How To Attend A Workshop Like A Boss | Get The MOST Out of Your Investment | Quianna Marie

Dress to Impress

Often times you’re traveling great distances and hosts often to make you feel so welcome and comfortable that it’s easy to consider yoga pants and a top knot… DON’T! Blow out your hair, add a bit of make up and wake up early enough to enjoy a hot cup of coffee before you get started! These workshops are heavily photographed and now videographers are even making special appearances. Trust me, you will want to look good and feel good!

Pro Tip: Wear your brand colors for your updated head shots.

Take Turns

During the hands on activity or styled shoot it can be complete chaos! Hosts try their best to designate stations and time slots for each attendee, but sometimes others fend for themselves and you end up with elbows, butts and ponytails in your shots! It’s encouraged to be assertive, get in there for a couple clicks of your shutter and then move to the side angles. The quiet and more shy attendee will thank you for taking charge and not letting others dominate the shoot.

Pro Tip: Step away and capture the workshop in action! Hosts will love these images for future promotions and attendees will become your new best friends when you share their behind the scenes photos! They will be so grateful!

Edit FAST!

I get it. After day one you’re exhausted. Your brain hurts from so much education and your body aches. Although those white crisp hotel sheets look so tempting… Pull out your laptop and edit at least a handful of your favorites! *With permission of your host get those sneak peek images up ASAP! (Like that night!) We all know this industry moves quickly and everyone wants to see their work showcased quickly! Make Up Artists, Florists and various vendors will be THRILLED to see these and will most likely repost and SHARE your images first!

Pro Tip: Engage with all vendors and make sure to tag them in each future post!

*Sometimes workshop’s styled shoots are entered for publication and limited behind the scenes are the only photos welcome to splash social media right away. Please be respectful and honor your hosts requests, just in case!

Want MORE Tips?

I have them for you…


This Workshop Guide is packed with even MORE tips to help you gain the most out of your next workshop experience! Just click the link above to get your hands on the FREE download!

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How To Attend A Workshop Like A Boss

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