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I claim that I love to cook and bake, which isn’t a lie. I really, REALLY love to spend time getting creative, dancing and clinking glasses in the kitchen! What I don’t do is make enough time for it! So this year for Easter I picked something fun to make and I DID IT!

These Easter Carrot Berries taste better than they look! These are just like Brother’s all time favorite worm cakes, but with a twist!


Fresh Strawberries

Chocolate Pudding Mix

Milk (for the pudding mix!)

Crushed Oreos

White Chocolate Pieces

Food Coloring (6 yellow drops, two red)


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Tip: Try melting the chocolate in a measuring cup in 30 sec increments until melted. Also, don’t reheat the chocolate after you add the food coloring! It turned into the clumpy thick and unmeltable chocolate!

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Can’t wait to share these for Easter tomorrow!

With love,

Quianna Marie


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