It didn’t take long for Steve to decide that his favorite lunch spot was a small Tai restaurant near his work. The food was great, but he really popped in frequently to see Nook! Their conversations grew and their butterflies flew in that tiny Tai House! Within a few months Steve introduced Nook as his girlfriend and the rest is history!

These two love to travel, hike, adventure and spend as much time exploring the outdoors as possible! With spontaneous hearts they decided to walk right on down to the courthouse to document their love. Without any official wedding photos, this mountain elopement photo shoot was a MUST!

Quianna Marie Photography_0021Quianna Marie Photography_0023Quianna Marie Photography_0029Quianna Marie Photography_0025Quianna Marie Photography_0024Quianna Marie Photography_0027Quianna Marie Photography_0030Quianna Marie Photography_0026Quianna Marie Photography_0022

Wishing these two all my love and best wishes for a life full of adventure, side by side!



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