Ever meet someone for the first time and want to be their best friend? You just get each other and want to spend more time with them?

How about getting a first impression of someone and having them bug you before they even say anything?

Do you ever wish your Brother would just listen to your advice?


Well let me introduce you to my newest obsession…


After taking the FREE Personality Type test I can’t stop reading all about my personality.

I’m the day dreamer, the hopeless romantic and believer. But you already know that!
I was excited to take this test and figure out some more characteristics about myself…


Strengths: Curious, Ambitious, Observant, Enthusiastic
Weaknesses: Highly Emotional, Overthink Things, Independent to a Fault

So… Why are personalities so important to analyze and learn about??

Well they significantly help discover our own personality types, our strengths and weaknesses, but also learn about others. Sometimes we get stuck in our head and forget that others see the world completely differently! Imagine being able to read up on the personalities of our parents, friends, partners and coworkers!

No joke. I wish this test was as mandatory as SAT testing in high school! I believe the world would be a better place! Understanding the way others tick, what makes them feel included and comfortable or knowing their fears will drastically change the way we communicate, love, and lead.

Ready to take the test and learn more about this recent obsession of mine???


It should only take about 15 minutes or so… Answer everything honestly and use the first response that comes to mind. (Not what you wish you would answer!) The more accurate the answers, even if they’re a bit hard to admit the BETTER!

I’m anxious to learn more about your personality! Comment below to start a fun discussion!

Please share with others to help make this world a better, more understanding and functional place…

With Love, Quianna Marie

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