Wedding Hashtag Generator by WEDDING WIRE

So what’s the deal with #hashtags and weddings?!

Some wonder why even have them and others panic about creating the perfect hashtag!

Let me break it down for you in case you have no clue about hashtags (# the old school pound sign!)


Instagram, Facebook and any other platforms of social media create a bank of images that “file” the images under specific names (hashtags). Think of hashtags as a digital library catalog.

For example: Once a photo is uploaded to Instagram you can add a #hashtag in the comments so that post will appear when others search for that exact #hashtag

QuiannaMariePhotography_0789Here’s what I mean…

If you search #weddinginspiration over 4 million photos will appear from all over the world! Any picture that included #weddinginspiration in the caption will pop up in this “digital file”

So why create your own personal #hashtag?!

Well what’s cool about creating your own is that wedding guests can post pictures throughout the day and every image they share with your personal hashtag will pop up when you search your hashtag!

For example: #castilloscomindowntheaisle

image1 (5)

This #hashtag is pretty long… but what’s great about it is that no one else has it! So it’s not cluttered with random people, silly posts and ONLY their wedding shenanigans.

Want help creating your own personalized wedding hashtag?!?

Check out this AWESOME generator created by Wedding Wire…



Want MORE #hashtag tips?

  1. Try thinking of a fun hashtag for the duration of your wedding planning! This hashtag can include pictures of venue hunting, favor making, bridal showers, engagement shoots, etc. Anything to celebrate the beginning of your marriage! Ex: #byesmithhelloanderson #kellyandkyleforever
  2. Use this #hashtag tool as a search engine to find local vendors! Ex: #bayareaflorals #sanjosedj #morganhillweddingplanner
  3. This also works great for searching venue hashtags! This way anyone that has worked there before probably tagged some images with their geotag (location) or specific #hashtags Ex: #kirigincellars #holmanranchwedding #willowheightsmansion
  4. Hashtags are pretty much on the honor system… Which basically means if you can tell a family/couple/blogger/small business owner clearly is the only one using that hashtag, please select another! It’s just annoying to have a catalog of cute images of your dog and then have randoms use that same hashtag for food pics! Does that even make sense? Oh Instagram’s unwritten rules!
  5. Have FUN with it! It’s okay to be silly to spell things differently and to be CREATIVE!


Good Luck!

With love, Quianna Marie

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