Photographer Files: Pictures With Parents



After years and years of photographing family portraits I finally have my checklist burned in my brain… images that no matter what family I am shooting I always make sure to capture! In addition to capturing the individuals and group shot of the bride’s family (mom, dad, siblings and even possible spouses and nieces and nephews!) there is one shot that I just can’t pass up.

Daddy with his daughters.

Quianna Marie Photography - Kayley + Paul - Blog Post-80

This pose has been started before the bride (or baby sisters!) were even born. With mom taking the photo and dad gleaming with his beautiful children. Think of every graduation from preschool to college, dance recitals, proms, birthdays and holidays. Looking back in their shoeboxes or big storage containers of photos I’m sure this sweet family has them all!

Long story short, I’m obsessed with now and then photos. Images that these bridesmaids will pull up and create a collage pic to share, but more importantly a time piece to last for generations. It can be overwhelming during the stressful time of family photos, but these photos only take seconds and will be priceless for your grateful clients.

With love, Quianna Marie

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