With so many engagements and weddings to celebrate the beginning of a marriage it’s an honor to have the opportunity to photograph ANNIVERSARIES! Especially when my 7th grade PE teacher is celebrating her 15 year wedding anniversary with her best friend! Together Amber (it’s still weird to call her by her first name!) and her sweet husband Sherman live a life full of adventure, wine and wonderful memories with their beautiful children… literally life goals with these two!



It’s so refreshing and sheds a sense of hope to see their marriage is still blooming and they have that newlywed look in their eyes… even after fifteen years!


Even Daddy needs to twirl Mama around every once in a while! Dancing shots are always some of my favorites! QuiannaMariePhotography_1041QuiannaMariePhotography_1042QuiannaMariePhotography_1043QuiannaMariePhotography_1044QuiannaMariePhotography_1045

So much love and happiness! Thank you for such a fun shoot!

With Love, Quianna Marie

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