Photographer Files: How to Prepare for Details Shots

The morning of your wedding day can be super hectic, emotional, and unfold incredibly quickly! With these simple steps you can feel prepared and actually enjoy every minute of getting ready with your girls while your photographer shoots those gorgeous details!

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  1. START EARLY! Trust me. No bride ever has sat for 20 minutes before her ceremony ready to go thinking, “Gosh I’m so bored. I wish I had something to do!” That extra time means more pictures! As a rule of thumb I like to add an additional half hour to everything. For example if your hair and make up artists say they can complete your look within an hour and a half I would plan for two hours. While you were doing your trial run you were probably in her studio chatting to each other about the wedding details. The day of your wedding tons of questions will be asked, you will be asked to get up and find something, someone will be in your face chatting and distracting. Enjoy those moments and don’t feel strapped for time.
  2. PACK THE DETAILS IN ONE LOCATION. Stow all of your details in your shoe box! The garter. Your jewelry. The rings (both yours and your fiancés!). Your perfume. Sweet love notes. Mother’s gifts. Your invitation suite. All of the tiny stuff to help add to your love story. It’s even helpful to have your maid of honor or a sister know about these details as well so she can assist the photographer.
  3. HAVE BOUQUETS ARRIVE WHILE YOU’RE GETTING READY. This may cause a special trip for the florist or a friend, but it will so worth it! Having the flowers adds great pops of color to detail images and once it’s go time the girls shouldn’t be carrying anything but maybe their phone and lip stick… they can carry their own bouquets.
  4. MAKE SURE BRIDESMAIDS AND MOTHER’S ARE DRESSED BEFORE YOU! Plan accordingly to have everyone dressed with make up and hair complete so while you slip into your gown everyone is looking good and feeling glamorous!
  5. MANGIA! MANGIA! (Let’s eat in Italian!) I would plan for two meals while getting ready! A light breakfast of fruit and muffins… or breakfast burritos! Followed by sandwiches and salad for lunch. It’s important to eat while you can! As soon as it’s go time you won’t want a big buzz from your champagne, nor do you want to starve as many couples typically take a few bites of their dinner!QuiannaMariePhotography_0796

Hopefully these tips help to create a stress free and relaxing environment while you are getting ready! Plenty of time for pictures and enough time to let your day soak in and to enjoy every minute!

With love,

Quianna Marie

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