Wedding: Alanna + Alisha

QuiannaMariePhotography_0850LOVE! Love is my absolute favorite thing to photograph and it was an honor capturing Alanna and Alisha stand before their family and friends to promise forever! Their love is a Trader Joe’s love story as they kept locking eyes by the bailer, sharing laughs down the frozen aisle and exchanged leadership hints as they stocked produce. Instantly Alisha fell for Alanna’s supportive, friendly and out going personality. A friendship over wine and laughter soon turned into happily ever after! QuiannaMariePhotography_0831QuiannaMariePhotography_0832QuiannaMariePhotography_0827QuiannaMariePhotography_0829QuiannaMariePhotography_0828QuiannaMariePhotography_0830QuiannaMariePhotography_0860QuiannaMariePhotography_0837QuiannaMariePhotography_0839QuiannaMariePhotography_0838QuiannaMariePhotography_0834QuiannaMariePhotography_0835QuiannaMariePhotography_0836QuiannaMariePhotography_0833QuiannaMariePhotography_0840QuiannaMariePhotography_0841QuiannaMariePhotography_0842QuiannaMariePhotography_0843QuiannaMariePhotography_0844QuiannaMariePhotography_0849QuiannaMariePhotography_0851QuiannaMariePhotography_0850QuiannaMariePhotography_0852QuiannaMariePhotography_0853QuiannaMariePhotography_0846QuiannaMariePhotography_0847QuiannaMariePhotography_0845QuiannaMariePhotography_0854QuiannaMariePhotography_0848QuiannaMariePhotography_0855QuiannaMariePhotography_0857QuiannaMariePhotography_0858QuiannaMariePhotography_0859

As always wishing Alanna and Alisha a life time of happiness!

With love,

Quianna Marie

Venue: Regale Winery

Planning and Coordinating: Andrea Snyder and Elyse Lindgren

Hair + Make Up: Tangles Los Gatos

Catering: The Party Helpers

DJ: Sound in Motion – Logan Andren

Cup Cakes and Wedding Cake: Icing On The Cake

Photo Booth: Photo Stax


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