Last night I had the honor of attending an industry advisory meeting to share my experiences and professional practices to ensure our local high school students are learning and being introduced to the new standard. Today there is a struggle for funding to have the Adobe Cloud in classrooms. Most scrape by with old editions of Photoshop and Lightroom hasn’t even been introduced to the majority! The heart and soul of the media arts teachers was evident, but they need resources and funding.


What concerned me the most is that funding for this software and equipment is considered extra and will have to come out of the Carl Perkins Grant, instead of considered in the budget for curriculum. In my opinion, new technology such as cameras and software are just as important as text books for a math class or instruments for the band.

In our industry technology is forever changing. What was up to date and state of the art 5 years ago is now archaic. I don’t even use CDs or discs anymore and quickly I am moving to downloads instead of delivering jump drives to clients. I can remember in the 7th  grade learning computer skills and typing… I saved my work on a floppy disc! Haven’t even touched one of those in over 10 years!

Now, last night I was just a fresh face joining this once a year meeting, but these topics and concerns really hit home for me. This is our future. These high school students are the future of Silicon Valley and the working force for our next generation. It was a huge eye opener for me that we live in such a tech savvy part of our country and the students today aren’t even prepared with the basics.

It was also brought up that many students are unsure about their future and don’t even understand the vast amount of career options available. I still know of people my age that aren’t even sure what they want to do when they grow up or how they want to utilize their education doing something they love. So of course these 15-18 year olds are unsure as well!

So here’s what I have in mind…

Please note that these are only thought bubbles for now and it takes strength in numbers, but we have to start somewhere!

  • If you are still in contact or are friends on Facebook with old high school teachers try getting a hold of them and offer an in class presentation on your career and why you love what you do.
  • Sign up for career day! Contact your local high schools for information on this day that happens every year, at every school! These students NEED you and your fresh ideas!
  • Donate to your local Booster clubs… every penny counts!

How can photography help this crisis?

For those that know me… You know I have CRAZY ideas!

I haven’t even spoken to my high school photography teacher, Mr. Rodriguez… But I’m ready to help in any way that I can! So of course I have a fundraiser in mind!

Last year alone we raised over $2,200 on one Saturday offering donation sessions to help with medical bills for my baby cousin Liam (who beat cancer, by the way!!)  Imagine how much WE could raise if we get the photography students involved to offer mini sessions for families! All across the district? This would be HUGE!

Like I mentioned above, this is simply a thought bubble with a lot of heart behind this movement. It’s time to put education first.

If you would like more information or would like to get involved please let me know!

With love,

Quianna Marie

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