The best thing about senior sessions is that you get to be YOU! You also get to select the time of year and seasonal background if we get the ball rolling soon enough! Juniors, take note! If you are in love with snowboarding and spend your weekends in the snow we can plan a winter trip to capture the fresh powder. Or maybe you love stomping on crunchy fall leaves and love being bundled up in scarves and sweaters? Although spring is traditional for senior portraits we can customize your shoot just for you!

Once we have selected your date and location here are some great tips to keep in mind…

  • Start thinking about your outfits. I always encourage at least two to express your personality. Jersey’s and sports memorabilia are more than welcome as well! Have a best friend that you would LOVE to include in some buddy photos? Bring her along! Boyfriends are welcome as well to join for a couple quick shots!
  • Since you are investing in beautiful images, it’s a great idea to consider make up and hair as well! If you’re like me and never wear make up, that’s totally fine! A bit of blush, eye lashes and a tint of lip color will really make your images POP!
  • Consider getting a manicure for your shoot. We will be shooting some close ups of your hands near your face and this will glam it up! If a manicure is out of budget or just not your thing, no worries! Please just have clean, natural and non-chipped nails.
  • The week of your shoot try your hardest to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water.
  • The morning of your shoot, don’t forget to pack any props/books to help customize your session.
  • Please arrive on time, if not 10 minutes early to leave time for parking and last minute touch ups. As a natural light photographer our time is limited and directly related to the sun. Once the sun sets that’s a wrap! If you find yourself running more than 20 minutes late to your session we will plan to reschedule. This will ensure a full shoot and great experience without feeling rushed.
  • That’s it! The rest of the shoot will go by quickly and we will probably be laughing the whole time!

QuiannaMarie_0621QuiannaMarie_0622Yes, I promise! Lots and lots of laughing!QuiannaMarie_0623

Thank you, Sarah for such an amazing shoot! This sunset at the barn was breathtaking!

Happy Graduation!

With Love,

Quianna Marie

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