Throw Back Thursday: Thank You!

When I first started this business my brother was my biggest referral-er ever! He would literally tell his friends, “Just trust me, she’s AMAZING!” I want to thank my  first couples and send a huge THANK YOU hug! Thanks for not only trusting Mike and his crazy ideas, but for trusting me with your memories! It’s because of you guys that my dreams are coming true one wedding at a time!

Here’s a quick throwback to some originals…


Pat + Jessica

June 2014Pat + Jessica2



Sharing a quick prayer before the ceremony…



I had to leave to watermark to show the date… and how I used to share/post my images! No more watermarks!

Even though this image isn’t tac sharp, it’s one of my favorites! This is my brother Mike (on the left) going in for a back smack as Frank watched his future wife Stephanie walk down the aisle.


This right here is the image that put me on the MAP! I posted this everywhere, printed postcards to mail to our Christmas card list and put them up in every Starbucks around town!


Ace + Stephanie

October 2012

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking a chance on me and my photography. It’s because of your love and support that I am able to turn this dream into my reality! THANK YOU!!

With Love,

Quianna Marie

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