On a clear day my mother held me up against the slider in her arms. With only a sheet a glass between us and a view of the last bit of rolling hills before the sea. Mama asked, “What do you see, Quianna?”

At only the age of 2-ish I responded, “Just a bunch of trees.”

Quianna Marie Photography - Karyn Make Up-3

This clearly was not the answer Mama wanted to hear. She then went on and on about the mountains, the birds, the sunset, the clouds and life just outside of our hand built home. This was my mother’s view on life. Always more. Always a story. Always beautiful.

My mama truly finds the purest of intentions and positivity in everyone and everything. So much so that she can often be too trustworthy thinking others think like her. Although she has learned the cruelties of the world it never phases her to keep a warm heart and bright spirit. Her laughter is contagious and everything she cooks she cooks with love.

This world needs some more of that. More cheap entertainment. More laughter. More kindness. More unconditional love.

Thank you for loving me and showing me the world through your eyes Mama.

Happy Birthday! Today as always we celebrate your beautiful life!


With Love, Quianna

Happy Birthday, Ma!

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