Please excuse this post as simply a thought bubble and thank you to my mother…Quianna Marie Photography - Elcira + Jacques - Ceremony-94

Growing up catholic has taught me a lot. Besides my faith and good ol’ catholic guilt to this day I am still indebted to my mother’s catechism classes.

Church gave me roots in my small town and a sense of community.

Church made me sit still and be quiet, even if I felt antsy/hungry/tired.

Church gave me the confidence to know that no matter what you needed someone knows someone that can help. Whether it be screen printing for softball banners, a trustworthy mechanic, good recommendations for a roofer, or the latest recipe made of three Trader Joe’s ingredients. Everyone knew everyone in our small town.

Church and it’s traditions also taught me A LOT about weddings. Let’s be honest I still have tons to learn about other religions, but I am confident to know the right questions to ask, the traditions to capture and the right time to bow my head without being distracting.

Thanks Mama. Thanks for instilling traditions and life long lessons that to this day bring me back to my childhood memories and keep me well rounded as a photographer. (Even though I very rarely attend my church every Sunday, I have selected a profession that brings me to my faith almost every weekend!) YAY!


Here’s a snap at Saint Francis Cabrini with my Goddaughter for her confirmation!


image1 (2)

And another recent shot of my little cousin Nicholas at his Holy Communion! 

Thank you, Mama!

With love, Quianna


Thank God Mama Made Me Go to Church

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  1. Renee Sanchez

    January 21st, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    Thank you Quianna 💕 You have blessed me in so many ways!