In no specific order I am excited to share a bit of my year in review! As all creatives create and push toward their goals for the new year I just recently realized how important it is to take a deep breath and reflect on your accomplishments and let those lead your motivations for new goals and resolutions!

So here… although it may seem like a ton of fun facts and my whole 2015 on blast… I am proud to share that this year was FULL of checks off my list and really truly was a FUN year!

  1. Jasmine Star Workshop10408098_10152876761477284_8642886289793879792_n

YES! Starting in February I was able to attend theWORKSHOP which catapulted my year and boosted my confidence for a successful wedding season! Jasmine not only shared priceless business information, boss lady facts and encouragement, but she also connected me with amazing photographers across the nation (and Canada, too! Hey, Tracey!)

My butt even made a special appearance on Jasmine’s blog post about our event! I feel like Joey from FRIENDS, cracking my way into the photo industry! 10329204_10152863735562284_5310813568430027352_n

2. All Inclusive Cabo vacation to shoot our best friends wedding!

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

Yep, Bobby + Laurelle booked me as their wedding photographer while we were hanging out in a bar 2 years ago! Bobby has been family friends with my boyfriend Thomas since 2ndgrade-ish and have been connected ever sense! It took me about 3 seconds after meeting Laurelle that I knew she would be my new friend! QuiannaMarie_0425

We spent a WHOLE week in Cabo and enjoyed eating cabo nachos every day! Talk about a dream wedding and amazing vacation!

I could stare at this image for dayssss. Gorgeous, Laurelle. Just gorgeous!


3. Lauren’s Birthday Cake!


My brother’s girlfriend Lauren isn’t a big fan of cake… so I made her a FRUIT CAKE! I wish I had my camera to capture the beauty! (Please excuse the iPhone snaps!) Not gunna lie. I was really proud of myself!


This cake was a huge hit! To learn more about Lauren check out this post!

4. Les Trois Soeurs – Three Sisters Styled Shoot

Quianna Marie Photography - Sylized Shoot - Les Trois Soeurs-101

This has been my biggest stylized shoot to date! Together my dear friend Natalie and I joined forces to turn this idea of three girls in weeds to this amazing production! We collaborated with eleven creatives to make this look come ALIVE! Here’s some more information about our shoot!

Quianna Marie Photography - Sylized Shoot - Les Trois Soeurs-159

Quianna Marie Photography - Sylized Shoot - Les Trois Soeurs-214

Check out this video created by me friend, Justin! It gives me the chills every time!

5. That one time Eric found out they were having a BABY!

Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-86

Here’s the scoop! My friend Candace shared a secret with me that she was preggers… BEFORE her husband new! AHHH! She wanted to surprise him and capture his reaction!

So here was the plan… We met up to take some fall family photos and to make it about her daughter turning 5!

Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-7Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-16Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-24Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-27Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-38

Eric was totally oblivious. Next I asked them to participate in a fun project I have been working on to ask newlywed questions to my bride and grooms! Eric is such a nice guy that he actually thought this would be FUN! (phew!)

So I pulled out my notebook and started asking questions for them to answer individually.

Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-50Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-59

Here were my three questions:

  1. When your wife says, “Honey, they’re playing our song.” What song are they playing?
  2. Which of you is the better cook?
  3. During the duration of your marriage what is the best gift your spouse has given you?

This was what Eric answered to last question…Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-69

And this is what Candace answered…

Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-71

Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-76

It took him a sec… and then THIS!

Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-83

Quianna Marie Photography - Wills Family - New Baby!-85

Oh BOY is he one HAPPY DADDY!

6. Quitting my full time job!


I couldn’t be MORE excited to turn my passion for photography into my profession! Since the Jasmine Star workshop in February  I gave myself one year to quit! It happened in August!! YAY! Friends and coffee runs will be missed, but that’s what lunches and happy hour is for!

7. Discovering Retrospect Images and having the privilege to work in Ginny’s studio!

Quianna Marie Photography - Bridal Boudoir - June-51

Learn more about the studio and boudoir collections, here!

8. My little cousin Liam BEAT cancer!


When we found out that our little Liam was diagnosed with Leukemia we were astonished, to say the least. Without an opportunity to help besides sending prayers and hope our family felt helpless. To help raise funds for my cousin and her young family I hosted a fundraiser offering donation photo shoots! Together we raised OVER $2,000!! Here’s more info about our AMAZING day!

9. Collaborating with Crunchy Mamas!

Quianna Marie Photography - Crunchy Mamas - Muscle Love-15

I actually discovered this amazing company on Instagram! YES! One of my besties all the way from South Dakota tagged me in a post looking for other creatives to photograph and share their products to help expand their business! I was sold! For 4 months straight they sent me goodies to try and shoot! Check them out for homemade, organic and totally natural potions for chapstick, deodorant, lotions, and make up remover to name a few! They’re a best friend/sister in-law duo that live in Oregon. YAY for small business boss ladies!

10. Isabel Jackson. Because well she’s a 10!

Quianna Marie Photography - 1920's - Stylized Shoot-100

I had the pleasure of meeting Isabel on location shooting a stylized shoot and couldn’t be happier that our paths have crossed! It’s so fun meeting passionate and talented people that recognize the hustle and make our adventures FUN! Looking forward to more creative shoots with her coming up soon!

11. Boutique La Lune

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.39.00 AM

This year I reconnected with a middle school friend that has launched her very own online fashion boutique! So far we have a handful of shoots down and so many more to go! You can find lots of my photos on her website, here! I’m even wearing one of her super cute necklaces NOW!

12. That one time my brother took 1st place!


Flattracking has been our family tradition for yearrrrs. While all of my brother’s friends were trail riding in the hills and jumping on their dirt bikes Mikey was going in circles… FAST! 11162207_425741377603723_5613192967591799614_n

He totally killed it at the San Jose Indoor and had the BEST pit crew! We even made matching shirts!


13. Jameson turned ONE!


This little man is technically my brother’s best friend’s son… but since Frank could totally pass as my brother I have self appointed him as my nephew. I just love him SO much!Jameson1Year-20 (1)


14. Three Brides – Flashback!

Quianna Marie Photography - 3 Brides-75

YES! Just a teaser for now as I am wrapping up their own blog post to share! Stay tuned for more to share about this fun and heartfelt shoot!

15. Making Waves


This fall my friend Natalie approached me to help co-lead our San Jose Chapter and I couldn’t be more excited for this adventure!

Rising Tide Society is a nation wide movement that brings creatives and small business owners together once a month to discuss marketing, branding, business struggles and accomplishments. Yes, it was originally geared towards the wedding industry, but since it’s boom all entrepreneurs and other creatives can relate and apply these topics/conversations to their own personal needs.
Please note that this is SO much more than a corporate networking group. We are in a movement to bring awareness to #communityovercompetition! Help each other out and let it be known that the struggle is real! Bloggers, dog walkers, photographers, DJs, babysitters, weekend warriors, small business owners and all creative brains UNITE!
These are NOT just stiff meet and greets to pass out business cards!Santa Cruz-3
To stay tuned for more upcoming events and join our local chapter! Or find a local #tuesdaystogether group near YOU!
This last year has been a whirlwind and I am proud to say that A LOT has been checked off my list as a business owner. It’s so important to reflect on your past to not only learn from your mistakes, but to remember that all of these baby steps will help push your dreams and make them a reality!
Thank you all for another amazing year! I’m ALREADY stoked to kick off 2016 with a bang!
With Love,

Best 15 of 2015

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