Recently, I have felt this gray cloud of above me, lingering like a huge question mark over my head. Usually this cloud is blown away every morning with a smile and positive attitude! Yet something about my daily grind just isn’t making me happy and it’s time to make some changes!

jstarworkshop-35  Just over the weekend and starting my Monday morning I have heard lots of praise and comments from others that I am living the dream. In fact I inspire them to make little changes, change their perspectives and do what they love. Even if it’s just a hobby… It’s worth the self fulfillment to add life and happiness to their days.

This got me thinking and made me realize that day in and day out my life revolves around photography. Not only do I look forward to and live for weddings, but my day dreams constantly consist of floral arrangements,  location scouting, and creative ways to shoot jewelry! The possibilities of weddings and pinterest inspired photo sessions flood my mind… All day. Everyday!

jstarworkshop-57Yes, it’s time to jump!

jstarworkshop-47As my Aunt states, “It’s time for a calculated risk.” Time to go for it, just try.

I have my family, friends and coworkers to thank for this push. My eyes are burning and my heart is aching for this much needed leap.

Cheers to something new!

With Love, Quianna Marie

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If you are ever in the need of a wedding or lifestyle photographer while in Hawaii, she’s your girl! Thank you!

Ready to Jump!

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