On my journey from my car to the house, juggling my Starbucks mama-sized sippy cup full of ice water, my heavy purse, two Trader Joe’s reusable bags, my phone and keys in hand I caught myself staring… practically locking eyes with a bee on a flower petal as I  wedged my hip into the bush to slam the door. Among the million and one things flying through my head, I couldn’t help but wonder what the bee was thinking. Yes, another absurd and silly thought that crossed my mind.

I wouldn’t dare to think he thought anything of me… just a crazy lady too stubborn to make two trips to the car! For real though. Despite my fatiguing fingers I thought for a moment that the bee was really created for our earth to do about 2 jobs: Create more life and beauty by spreading pollen and growing the hive. Yep. That just about completes his resume, job assignment and family crest.

Can you imagine a life where we really had a similar to do list? Just a few simple jobs to complete? Granted as creatives and business people we know that there truly is a lot more to our careers and lively hoods than just 2-3 daily tasks.

From that thought I began to realize that life really is that simple.

Quianna Marie Photography - Sylized Shoot - Les Trois SoeursI’m a firm believer that I was put on this earth to be a photographer. To capture the beauty, love and memories surrounding me. As long as I am happy, meeting and photographing new friends and delivering images and products they are excited and proud of then I am doing my job.

We often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and soon we will be losing daylight! Just remember that as long as you are happy and creating a life that you love you are doing it right.

Thanks Mr. Bee.

Cheers to being you!

Love you,


Just Be. Like a Bumble Bee…

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