Two Heart Beats, One Miracle

When I think of parents, well deserving parents Keith and Natalie are at the top of my list. Together they radiate love and I just can’t help but want to be around them. Their home is always welcoming and warm with something delicious to eat! Even with a full house of 3 puppy babies their hearts still felt a small void for something more. A perfect little baby to shower with love was their wish… And they were blessed with TWO! Two healthy and handsome baby boys.

Quianna Marie Photography - New Born Photography - Twins

Quianna Marie Photography - TIWNS-24

Twenty fingers and twenty toes… pure perfection!

Quianna Marie Photography - TIWNS-27

Quianna Marie Photography - TIWNS-9

Kai + Kaleo

Quianna Marie Photography - TIWNS-56

Quianna Marie Photography - TIWNS-43

These two Aunties could’t be more excited! They too have been praying for and loving these bundles of joy years before they were born!

Quianna Marie Photography - TIWNS-45

Quianna Marie Photography - TIWNS-54-2

Quianna Marie Photography - TIWNS-35

Quianna Marie Photography - TIWNS-30-2

Quianna Marie Photography - TIWNS-52I imagined Keith and Natalie would be wonderful parents before they even welcomed these two into our world! To see the look in their eyes as they look at their babies truly makes my heart happy! Miracles really do happen!

Quianna Marie Photography - TIWNS-12

Welcome to our world Kaleo and Kai!

You just made life more beautiful, times two!

With Love, Quianna Marie

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