1…2…3… JUMP!

Some of my fondest memories were the adventures with the King of Adventure, my Dad. As soon as I could talk he made me order my own food and give the waitress my order, every time I showed him a painting he never asked what it was he simply told me it was beautiful and let me explain what I created and when it was time to learn how to swim… Or take baths in the freezing cold rivers in Lake Tahoe he told me to jump, “Come on baby, Don’t be a chicken! I’m right here to catch you”!

Daddy had a zest for thrill and living life to the fullest. Despite his crazy ideas his eyes made me a believer. He would catch me. He would never let me get hurt. He would always have my back.


Everyday I look in the mirror and see his reflection in my eyes. My big brown almond shaped eyes, just like Daddy’s. I’m clearly not as much of an adrenaline seeker as my father, but I sure do have his vision. His vision for a happy life and well deserved motto “You have to work hard to play harder!”

I couldn’t be more proud and excited to share that I am officially quitting my day job. No more Sunday night blues anticipating Mondays, no more corporate life chained to this desk, and no more busting my butt to help another man achieve his dreams. It’s time to pursue my own…

This morning I am delivering my two weeks notice and I couldn’t feel more liberated!  I’m ready to jump and take a leap of faith, I know he will catch me if I fall and make me splash again and again!

Thank you all for this opportunity, if it weren’t for you (YES, you reading this and your continued support this wouldn’t be an option for me!) For that I am forever thankful.

Wish me luck!

With love, Quianna Marie

7 thoughts on “1…2…3… JUMP!

  1. So exciting! There will be times of loneliness and times where you never want to see a piece of equipment ever. But the highs SO out weigh the lows. Proud of your big jump!


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