Kyle + Katie | Engaged

Kyle+Katie-Engagement-55The friendships you develop during your childhood are usually the ones to last a lifetime. Katie and I grew up playing softball together. Both our parents coached and as wee 10 and unders we took first place in Western Nationals (Jr. Olympics status!). My fondest memories of my softball sisters involved long practice hours, taking turns french braiding our hair, ring pops and nachos from the snack shack, and embracing the awkward years of development…All while sporting our Almaden Lighting blue and gold!

Katie went off to CSUMB to pursue softball while I stuck around SJSU shooting anything and everyone that would let me 😉

During these last 10+ years our friendship remained in tact even though our daily lives grew apart. When Katie asked if I was available to photograph her engagement pictures I was beyond thrilled!

Kyle+Katie-Engagement-6As soon as I hopped into the car on our way to the beach I turned around (Kyle let me sit shot-gun) to introduce myself to her fiance. With a friendly face and brand new shirt I could tell he wasn’t quite too sure what was in store…

As Katie and I chatted and shared updates I couldn’t believe that they have already been together for 5 years! FIVE YEARS? How has this dude been in my friend’s life for that long and I have yet to meet him? (Instagram pictures are not proper introductions, but they keep me in the loop!)


I guess life long softball sisters have a bond that runs deep. A friendship planted in our past and grows with our future.



Thank you Katie and Kyle for selecting me to photograph your engagement pictures! The countdown for Hawaii is on!

With Love, Quianna Marie

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