As a photographer I get to steal the most intimate moments and freeze them in time. Having the ability to be a fly on the wall during these times makes me thrive! Each wedding is flooded with emotions, tears of joy, laughs and excitement. There is no denying that the moments shared with the bride and her daddy are among my favorites. Martinez-GettingReady-190




I don’t know where I read this, saw this, or heard this… But a little birdie once told me to photograph with your heart as if a loved one gone in passing or yet to be born can experience life through those photographs as if it’s the only way to see and relive those moments.

I actively try to be present during these times to ensure I feel the emotion within, instead of just snapping away and hoping to get the shot!





I try my best to live my life in a way that would make my own father proud. I guess my calling as a photographer is a chance to create these moments for brides around the world and I couldn’t be more determined and blessed to capture these for them!BridalPortraits-40











I also have a very special place in my heart for our Brothers that hold our hands not only down the aisle, but down this crazy road we call life. They hold us accountable and drive us nuts, but deep down we both know that we only have each other and will know no other love like a brother and sister.

Ceremony-46With each photograph I try to tell a story that only the heart can read.

Cheers to our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, and the strong women in our lives that have stepped up to the plate to help raise us!

With Love, Quianna Marie

A Tribute to Father’s Day

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