This week I have teamed up with 6 other amazing photographers around the world to offer one lucky winner a chance to win $500 to J CREW! The giveaway is designed to introduce you to some talented creatives and help spread the word about our booming businesses. Together we can help shine light on each other and boost our online presence.

Let me personally introduce you to our loop…

JCREW - Tracey

Tracey  @traceyjazminphoto

Nature Chaser. World Traveler. Yogi Poser.

Check out her work for winter wonderland weddings, sharp details, and beautiful lifestyle photography! www.traceyjazmin.com

JCREW - Dillon

Dillon  @dillondriscollphotography

Story Teller. Adventure Seeker. Wild Cat.

Take a look at his website for amazing graduation pictures, published weddings, and fabulous landscapes. www.dillondriscoll.com

JCREW - Ashley Nicole

Ashley Nicole @an_photographer

Travel Enthusiast. Fit Foodie. Furmama.

If you are ever in the need of a wedding and lifestyle photographer in Omoha… Ashley is your go to for a romantic, pure, and fresh style. www.ashleynicole.net

JCREW - Jamie Dawn

Jamie @jamiedawnphotography

Lover of Love. Education Hunter. Dreamer.

Take a peek at her website for lacey boudoir sessions, cuddly babies, and wedding bliss. She covers it all! www.jamiedawnphotography.com

JCREW - Annie

Annie @annieroy.image

French Speaker. Editorial Maker. Art Lover.

With a twist of romance and fine art Annie will have all of your photo needs covered in Quebec! www.annieroyimage.ca

JCREW - Cassie(2)

Cassie @cassiemaddenphotography

Picture Maker. Nostalgic. Soy Latte Sipper.

Browse her website for breathtaking images that capture lasting emotions! www.cassiemadden.com

If you are an active Instagramer I’m sure your feed is clogged with advertisements, contests, and incentives to follow random people/accounts. This is NOT our motive for this giveaway!

I am blessed beyond words to share a love of photography with these talented and kind hearted individuals. Lucky for me instagram updates, facebook posts and the occasional texts keep us together and forever encouraging each other.

We owe these recent friendships to the star that made us burst… (YES!)

JCREW - JasmineThank you,  Jasmine!

Thank you for spreading the love of photography all over the world! Your passion for teaching and influence about the power of community will forever help our businesses grow! THANK YOU! www.jasminestar.com

Now don’t forget to enter the contest for our giveaway!

With Love,

Quianna Marie



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