Love for Liam – June 20th

This Saturday we will be hosting a photo fundraiser to help raise money for our Little Liam. Everyday our fighter gets stronger and stronger, beating the odds and impressing the doctors and nurses.  Every little bit helps and I can’t wait to spend the day photographing more memories for my family and friends!

As most of you know recently my little cousin has been diagnosed with Leukemia and is in midst of the last Intensification round. We are very hopeful and pray for his healthy recovery.

Even with great heath insurance my cousin and her young family have a steep financial burden down this recovery road.

Personally, I can’t write a fat check to help with the bills… but I can offer my services and time to those willing and together we can fill a LARGE mason jar with as much as we can!11233581_10206281727740452_299961883285717667_o
You and your family are welcome to join my family at Vasona Park for donation photo sessions! (YES! Just a quick 15-20min min session with digitals provided!)

All proceeds will be going directly to medical bills for Liam.

Everyone needs picture updates! Why not come out for a beautiful day in the park and capture some priceless memories of your loved ones?


Mini Sessions will begin at $50
However, just like a donation car wash anything and everything is welcome! Please come out to support!

-Mommy and Me Sessions
-Family Sessions
-Couple Sessions
-Senior Portraits
-Shameless Selfie Sessions
-Fun Summer Session with friends
You name it!

Please plan a fun park day with flexible timing. We have a schedule for the day and want to make it run as smooth as possible, however with the masses of the day we ask for your patience. I promise that everyone will be shot and delivered great digital images!


If you are unable to join, but are still interested in donating you can submit a donation here as well… Love for Liam – Go Fund Me I am trying hard to crush their expectations and bring their donation total to over $10,000!


With Love, Quianna Marie

One thought on “Love for Liam – June 20th

  1. What time will you be there till and what part of Vasona? Would love to come but wouldn’t be able to make it until about 7pm. I know it’s kinda late so wanted to check.

    Thanks!! I’ve donated but would love to help more!!!!



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