Ashley+Alex-111 Sometimes I have the urge to just kidnap my cousins… Yes. Steal them away with a bag full of cute outfits, force them get their hair done, and pass around lip gloss! We escape to the hills for an adventure. We share laughs, tell stories, and our only worries are what accessories to wear and what iced cold frap to get at Starbucks.

This is real life. My life. A recreation, maybe. But mostly a marvelous reason to escape and make more happy memories with my little mini-me’s! Ashley+Alex-88

Ashley+Alex-90 The beauty of photography allows me to have an excuse to spend time with these wildflowers… I’m sure we would have fun doing just about anything, but having pictures to document the silly laughs and pure happiness is what brings me the most joy! Ashley+Alex-115

Cousins share your darkest secrets and your brightest dreams. A soul made of the same seed, but like a garden blossoming into different flowers.Ashley+Alex-126SMALL

Alexandra + Ashley

I love you both so much. Can’t wait for our next photo adventure!

With Love, Quianna Marie

Your First Best Friend

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