Lady Luck in Starbucks

www.QuiannaMarie.comStanding in line at Starbucks this morning (it’s been a whole week without my green straw iced sips!) an older gentleman asked what I was glowing about…Was my cheesy smile and toe tap that obvious? I turned to him and told him I just arrived back from Mexico shooting a wedding and couldn’t wait to start editing!

He smiled and asked, “What is it that you photograph? What are the things that you look for?” I could tell he wasn’t looking for a list of ring shots, first kisses, family portraits, etc. He had this look that he wanted to know more… With such a heavy question I thought for a moment and responded, “I simply photograph what I see. I truly believe that I was put on this earth to feel, capture, and share photography. God presents me with beautiful sceneries and moments full of emotion. Call me crazy, but I imagine I see what He can see. What he created. I believe in vibes, I can read people and feel what they feel. LOVE is what I photograph and that’s what makes me feel alive.”

With a huge smile on his face he laughed and even with a sweet declination he bought my iced coffee. Life is good!

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