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Since photography was my calling I also have this incredible instinct to feel people. I read vibes better than expressions and I listen to actions, not words. I had the privilege of shooting Elcira and Jacques’ engagement session and I couldn’t be happier, for them!

The love these two have for each other is infectious and even though it was just  my first time meeting the groom, I can already tell their love will last.

Let’s start with the preparation. First of all, Jacques had more than 3 out fits  laid out and professionally ironed them all himself, over and over again. After much deliberation he loved the white button down and black slacks look, but he also thought he looked like a waiter and we all decided on blue. The shoes, the belt, the vest, everything was carefully thought of and prepared.

Elcira hired a professional makeup artist, Melissa to try a practice run for the big day. This helps to find the perfect look, especially for the genetically blessed that very rarely even wears make up.

Just looking at the way he looked at his fiance and the time and effort they put into this photo shoot proves that have already created a strong foundation for a lasting marriage.

Quianna Marie Photography - LA Engagement

Quianna Marie Photography - LA Engagement

The sapphire stone was selected as a symbol of  a relationship based on faithfulness and sincerity. Jacques put a lot of thought into selecting this token of his love and brings back memories of the first night they met… “All the best things come in small packages”.


Their wedding is coming up in October of this year and I can’t wait to be there to capture their love story!

QuiannaMarie_0031With love, Quianna Marie

Los Angeles: Engagement Session

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