Tips to Make Sure YOU Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Wake Up Refreshed

wakeupGet to bed at a decent hour so you can wake up feeling your best. This includes your groom, too! We always suggest bachelor/bachelorette parties to go down at least a week or two prior to your wedding weekend.

Eat a Breakfast Full of Protein and Complex Carbs

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

This food will keep you feeling full longer and give you the energy you need throughout the day. If breakfast really isn’t your thing at least have your brides maids make a Togo’s run! Trust us, with all of the champs sipping and celebrating it’s hard to make time to eat!  (Find a man that can flip eggs exactly how you like them every time and lock him down!)

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Get Ready

Quianna Marie Photography - Kayley + Paul - Blog Post-37

You’ll want to make sure you have a stress free morning to relax and enjoy these moments with your brides maids. No need to be frantic about arriving to your own wedding on time.

Wear Anything That Buttons While Getting Ready

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

Often times brides get ready in cute tanks and shirts they personalized on Etsy… Yes, they’re adorable, but it can be a challenge pulling them over your perfectly curled hair and make up. Opt for a robe or button up men’s dress shirt, just to be safe!

Appoint Someone to Guard the Door

Quianna Marie Photography - Getting Ready - Chilcott-61

While you’re getting ready you have the right to welcome whomever you wish. On the flip side you also get to be the keeper of the guest list. Many times as the ceremony gets closer family and other guests will be arriving anxious to get their own first peek…It’s completely up to you  who gets to sneak in. Your mama, new mother-in-law, grandmothers, godmothers, cousins that didn’t make the brides maids cut, yes of course… Crazy and loud aunts, your old neighbor with way too much perfume that your mom insisted you invite, any boys other than your brothers or father can be turned away at the door without you feeling guilty. This is why your best friend would make a great door keeper so you don’t even have to be the one to turn them away. You’re welcome.

Groom’s To Do List – Make One for Them

Quianna Marie Photography - Young Wedding - Getting Ready - Guys-49

Brides maids and a room full of women make remembering things easy for you while getting ready. The boys… not so much. They will be procrastinating until the very last minute to suit up. Make their morning as successful and productive as possible by providing a check list and time line.

Speaking of Groom’s Men… Lay Out the Ground Rules

Quianna Marie Photography - Castillo - The Guys-128

Guys can get pretty crazy before, during, and even after the reception. Not to mention hangovers the morning of your wedding. If you want a level of decorum spell it out for them prior to your wedding day. A happy bride’s guideline is asking groomsmen to be able to remember the night. That usually keeps things under control.

Break In Your Shoes

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

If you bought new stilettos or even cowboy boots for your big day wear them around the house a couple times prior. This will  prevent walking around like a new born giraffe and having aching feet or blisters.

Don’t Over Do the Perfume

Quianna Marie Photography - Elcira + Jacques - Mr + Mrs-25

Many are sensitive to fragrant perfumes and even too much hair spray can over do it. Some Pinterest posts have even encouraged buying a new perfume just for your wedding day so when you smell that sent again it reminds you of your wedding. This is great, but also not necessary.

This Goes for You Too Grooms

Quianna Marie Photography - Irine + Marion - Sneak Peeks-1

Keep the cologne light. Don’t forget deodorant.

Don’t Forget Gifts – Something Sweet and Thoughtful

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

Whether you’re a traditionalist or not… gifts make people happy and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside for giving. Discuss a small gift exchange with your groom (Bridal Boudoirs are HUGE right now and YES! I can make that happen) and if budget allows brides maid gifts and something shiny for your mom and mother-in-law are always sweet. A hand written love note is always a great idea if money is tight. Don’t make these gifts an after thought.

Have Your Emergency Kit Ready… Just In Case!

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

A typical one includes: First Aid Kit, tampons, tide stick, nail polish for nicks, pen (you will be signing important documents today), phone charger, and anything else to fix minor emergencies. Andrea has her own kit that is full of EVERYTHING you can think of. Yes, we’re prepared for anything!

Take Some Usies!

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

Make time to snap some selfies of your girls and just the two of you. It will be fun to have these in addition to your professional photos. But… please oh please after a couple pics put your phone AWAY! Enjoy your day… you can delete and untag your cousin’s pictures later.

Let Loose Before You Walk Down the Aisle

Quianna Marie Photography - Dorothy + Rey - The Ladies-5

Do some light stretching have some water and take a couple breaths. Just breathe. This next step will be a blur and go by so quickly! Take it all in and embrace the moment.

No Really… Make Sure You Take Moments to Really Soak in the Moments

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

Ask your officiant to take some extra minutes to allow you guys to observe your family and friends and really burn this moment into your brain. Gaze into each others eyes and indulge in the moment.

Make a 5 Minute Dinner Date with Your New Hubby

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

With everyone all over you two like white on rice it’s nearly impossible to enjoy a full meal. Literally take 5 minutes to enjoy the hot plate of food and nibble on some appetizers. We always suggest asking your caterer to prepare to-go boxes for you for later. They will be happy to do it and you and your hubby will be overjoyed for the late night snack!

Walk With Grace… Like a Disney Princess Everywhere You Go

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

All attention will be on you. All day. Welcome everyone with a smile and thank them for joining you on this special day. You’ll feel beautiful from the inside out with a smile, even if your cousin brought his ex-girlfriend as his date and secretly you want her to trip on the dance floor. Just be nice.

On the Same Note Stay Posed During Speeches and Toasts

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

While your best friend is telling silly stories or your groom’s brother takes it to a whole other level everyone’s eyes will be on your reaction. You may have the urge to splash your drink in someones face….resist. There’s no sense in wasting alcohol and you’ll look stupid. Keep smiling.

Appoint Someone to Save You From Chatty Guests

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

Of course be respectful and exercise good manners, but soon even too much chatter is too much. Having an escape artist to politely pull you away is a must. Your best wing-girl usually is the best at this game.

Give the DJ a List of Songs You Want to Hear

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

Brides have listed every song by the minute for the whole wedding. That’s a little much. You have hired your DJ for a reason and you should trust them. List your top favorites, black list songs not allowed and some genres requested. Also, it’s a great idea to have your first dance and important songs on a CD/available aux cord on your phone for a back up just in case a system malfunctions.



You’re feeling high on life, your favorite tunes are jammin’ and the dance floor is packed with everyone you love. Even your hubby that refuses to dance on a regular basis will regret it if you two don’t live it up. Be silly, let loose, and let the good times roll.

Pack Flats for the Reception

It’s just that simple. Your feet will be happy!

Have  a Moment with Each of Your Parents

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

Brides dance with their fathers and grooms dance with their mothers. There’s nothing on the schedule for the other parent. Make time for it. I’ll be there to capture it.

Make Time for Group Shots at the Reception

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

Sorority sisters unite, coworkers, and friends this your time to shine. Save the formal portraits for the family and bridal party only. Everyone is dressed up and looking nice. It’s time for a new office photo anyway…Have fun!

Be Careful on the Alcohol

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

This day is one that you will want to remember forever. One tip is to drink a glass of water between each drink. Keep the shots limited. You’ll thank us later.

Thank Everyone for Coming

Quianna Marie Photography - Alanna + Alisha - Reception-92

It may be time consuming, but you’ll make a lasting impression if you make it to every table to say hello and thank them for attending this special day. It’s also a good idea to say a quick thank you speech addressing everyone at once.

Don’t Do the Cake Smash

Quianna Marie Photography - Castillo - Dancing-270

Brides you still have pictures to take and people to thank. Also, grooms take note. This isn’t an ideal way to start your marriage. A little frosting on the nose or cake kiss is cute though.

Have  a Relaxed Attitude About Your Wedding Night

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

If the night never burns down then enjoy it! However, by the end of the exhausting day it may be just as exciting to take out your bobby-pins and collapse in your gown. You have the rest of your life to get it on. Don’t feel bad, it happens all the time.

Remember Why You’re There

Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding |

Despite all the chaos, fun laughs, and excitement take the time to really look into your husbands eyes and soak it in. Remember that this day you are pledging your life as two to become one. Take the time to reflect on this crazy journey you’re embarking and be happy that he’s by your side.

With Love,


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