This Saturday I hosted my first ever Couples Night Out! A night for all of my brides and grooms to enjoy a date night on me! This idea has been brewing for awhile and I can’t believe this vision actually came to life! One thing I’ve noticed through the years, as my business has grown is that a lot of my couples have many similarities… They’re hard working, big loving, friendly and just plain AWESOME. The idea of gathering them all into one place lit my heart on fire and made me think, duh… they would all become instant friends!

So we dusted off our boots and enjoyed a great time at The Saddle Rack, my favorite country bar in the Bay Area! It was amazing to be surrounded by couples that I’ve photographed 6 years ago to just a month ago! So much has changed in my business and photography since then, but one thing remains the same, I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing tribe and support system of friends that become family!

We kicked off the night for dinner with family friends that trusted me to shoot their weddings years ago! Both my Brother’s friends and their girlfriends took a huge leap of faith back then and continue to support my business after all these years! Now we’re life long family friends that I adore! In fact I adopted their children as my niece and nephew!

To truly enjoy a night out myself, I left my camera at home! My phone had a full charge and I enjoyed a night of dancing not worrying about keeping on eye on my camera bag… So please excuse the iPhone snaps to hit the blog, but really I think these photos capture the fun + excitement of the night just fine!

Of course my brides rocked their cowgirl boots!!! Love them all so much!

Another moment I wished I had my nikon… but really, this is REAL LIFE! So much fun!

Brother bought me a shirt to help remember this amazing night out! A night to bring my couples together, chat about construction, hunting, marriage, kids, holidays + LIFE! I love each and every one of my couples so much and I’m blessed to still have them a part of my life. Their encouragement and support means more to me than anything!

Missed this year’s night out? Well WE MISSED YOU! In fact, I missed so many of my couples that couldn’t attend that I’m already brain storming for next year! Can’t wait to host one of these nights to celebrate my couples and treat them to date night each year!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for always being down to CELEBRATE!

With love, Quianna

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