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Have family sessions been keeping you busy? Maybe while you’ve been wrangling young families in pumpkin patches and in Christmas Tree farms you may be feelin’ a bit worried that wedding inquiries have been slowing down? Well, no need to fret! Engagement season is upon us and booking season will be ringing in soon!


Well, YES! Of course you are… but is your business prepared + updated to outshine other photographers and keep your business top of mind? Take notes, here’s a couple tips to ensure you’re ready to start BOOKING!

5 Easy Updates To Prepare For Engagement Season | Quianna Marie


1. PRICE  Sending over a PDF? Sharing a plus site link? Get those prices and collections updated!! Still sending collections over from 2017? Girl, update those and make sure your prices reflect your recent investments in education, experience and amazing reviews. Once that’s updated don’t forget to update your website starting price! You’re going to want all your collection prices to match!
2. NEW HEAD SHOT Still rocking that head shot from one of your favorite workshops last year? Invest in a new ones or swap with another photographer friend! You’re going to want to showcase a refresh to keep your business top of mind! Plus, if you’re always advertising couples and families to book you for updated photos it’s important to do them for yourself as well!
3. UPDATE GALLERIES Not just cover/main photos on your website, but the photos in your sample galleries, too! It may be a good idea to include a link to an entire wedding sample! Maybe 50 images from one entire wedding day. You’re going to be asked for it, prepare now to save time and rush it later.
4. WORKFLOWS Get all your templates + communication on lock! I’m always updating email templates and increasing workflow efficiency. Thank God for Honeybook!  Looking for a client management system that super pretty, customizable and organized? Check them out using my link for 50% OFF!
5. RETHINK CONTENT Increase your posts about helpful hints and tips. Think about swapping captions about booking deals for life saver/DIY/helpful planning tips instead! This will still bring your business top of mind, without pushing a sale! Evergreen content, the kind of tips and tricks that never go out of style are key! Don’t have time to come up with brand new stuff to share? Just recycle old blog posts + feature past clients again.
Just a couple updates can make a world of difference! You got this!!!!
XOXO, Quianna
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